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【Daily Clips】


Column. To say that the shorts that suddenly became popular in the past two years, this seemingly strange one


Ride pants


Must have a name!


But there is one to say, it is really

Too picky

Intersection If you don’t go to the gym for a few months, the effects are specified to be unsatisfactory. Small belly, thigh meat, and exposure in minutes.

Still see that the fashion industry has been standing for many years

Denim shorts

Bar. Whether it is a cool hot girl or a low -key work, you can arrange for you.

Not much to say, then look at it. The name store names are put on, and they like to copy directly!

Denim shorts are already a versatile basic model. If you want to wear a one -meter -eight gas field, you can be in



Kungly up and down.

The large area of ​​the whole body and the bright color embellishment of a small area are bright and not obtrusive.

In summer, wearing boots, many fairies feel too hot in the message area. But it looks good!

The straight tube denim boots not only strengthened their own temperament, but also a must for modifying the leg shape. I really feel hot, it’s okay

Use mid -stocking+sandals instead



带 Putting method 1: suspender+denim shorts

Wide edge+big U collar

The sling design not only guarantees the degree of skin exposure, will not look breathable because of the collar problem, but also visually weaken the shoulder width and back thickness.

The knitted fabric comes with elasticity, and the version of the body is outlined, which just outlines the body curve.



Making embellishment will make us more layered in wearing. The coin necklace hit the small cake bag, just like the avant -garde trend hit the sweet lady, mix and match.

Nail art is also necessary for exquisite GIRL. Using colors as the protagonist in once, the overall style is more vivid.

恤 Passage method 2: T -shirt+denim shorts

Out of the streets every day, then we are refreshing and versatile. In the same accessory arrangement, the low -key and durable Feel is here.

衫 衫 ♥ ♥: shirt+denim shorts

If you want to be more formal, the loose white shirt is your best choice.

The two buttons were unbuttoned on the chest to form a V -neck, and then the shirt was stuffed into the pants, and the high waistline was perfectly pulled out. Two steps were papers. This look is not wrong to go to work.

穿 Putting method four: stacking+denim shorts


In a glance, midsummer also passed seven or eight, and major shops will start to go to new autumn. But the wallet is not ready, what should I do?

listen to me.


Use it! Wearing high -waist shorts outside the camisole, isn’t this the urban beauty who leads the trend.

How about, a pair of denim shorts can use N kind of flavored look. Have the fairy learned?