Many people feel ugly and easy to carry “canvas belts” that are easy to carry, but if the matching is correct, you can also create a beautiful shape. Especially in spring and summer, using this canvas belt will become more fashionable and elegant.

It will not become naive with canvas belt

Some people say, “The canvas belt looks naive!” In order to refute this view, let me introduce two techniques first to make the shape look fashionable and elegant.

1. Choosing the basic color will appear mature

Basic colors (here refer to black and white, gray, beige, etc., not red -green, blue and blue, canvas belt, which can be easily matched with any style, and will increase the leisure charm of the shape.

2. Tie outside the top to create a beautiful outline

Although it is also good to be in the pants, the way it is outside the jacket is very suitable for those who want to be more mature. With the waist mark, you can enjoy a distinctive outline.

How is the canvas belt?

Before sharing the canvas belt, let us learn about the knot method of this belt! Of course, even if you do n’t knots, it is a common styling style to let the canvas belt down naturally. The canvas waist with many fashionable systems, but the most practical and most popular method, we can call it “classic knot”.


It only takes 3 steps, it is very simple to learn, and the knot is about 3 seconds. (There is exactly a demonstration that uses a belt to knot, the law is the same.)

Step 1: Normal tie good belt

First, tie the belt normally on the waist. Although the belt is on the picture, the canvas belt is so buckled first.


Step 2: Pass the hanging head through the belt

After tie your canvas belt normally, it will hang down for a long time.


“From the bottom up”

Between the belt and clothes.

Step 3: Complete

The end of the second step is re -pushed down, plugged in the “circle” just formed, and tightened the properness of the hit. Because the canvas belt is softer than the belt, it will be more convenient to knot.


After speaking, the two techniques of the matching also introduced the classic knot method, and then you must “learn”! Let’s take a look at the matching demonstration of this canvas belt!

[White] Gives a delicate impression

“White” canvas belt not only adds elegance to the shape, but also gives people an exquisite impression. You can complete the decoration according to the color of the clothes in a soft atmosphere, or dare to use the opposite color to create a distinctive styling effect.

▼ White canvas waistband spring and summer model demonstration



The beige monochrome shape is paired with canvas belt with the same color. Casual shirts and casual canvas belts are combined to create a relaxed atmosphere. It is very suitable for going out with a black low canvas shoes.



This is a white canvas belt with black letters, with an elastic naval blue shirt, the lower body chooses white tattoo pants, which is consistent with the color of the belt. mark.

▼ White canvas belt autumn and winter model demonstration



It is still a white canvas belt with black letters, with a plaid suit suit. The high -necked sweater creates a soft atmosphere and then creates a warm feeling. Choose a black leather bag to close the shape to avoid being too casual.


White canvas belt with simple white long -sleeved T -shirt and wide -leg pants. By adding a canvas belt with letters in the basic models, you can create a somewhat unique casual shape. If you add another casual military green bag, it will be more fashionable.


[Beige/Brown] Give a gentle feeling

Beige and brown are tender and elegant colors. This soft -colored canvas belt is also easy to match with any style. It is recommended to use beginners.

▼ Beige/brown canvas waistband spring and summer model demonstration


By pairing a brown canvas belt on the shape of light gray X ivory, it can improve the clarity of the shape without losing the soft impression. The casual atmosphere of the canvas belt is added to bring you a kind feeling.


Both beige canvas belts and feminine items can be well matched. This white shirt has a cute lace and front fold design, paired with jeans, and then using a beige canvas belt to softly connect them.

▼ Beige/brown canvas belt autumn and winter model demonstration



This loose linen jacket is the protagonist of the shape, with autumn colors. A simple white T -shirt is decorated with a beige canvas belt on the waist, and uses litto knitwear to improve the shape.


The gray sweatshirts inside create a sporty atmosphere, and Oversize’s jacket and wide -leg pants make the shape look cute. The brown canvas belt is used with wide -leg pants, and the luster of the metal buckle is used to attract sight, which plays a role in emphasizing the waistline.

[Black] helps to tighten light -colored shapes


The black canvas belt not only looks cool, but also is mostly used to form a sharp contrast with light colors to tighten the light -colored shape.


▼ Black canvas waistband spring and summer model demonstration


With the shape of a gray top and white pants, the small crushed shoulder tops are filled with feminine atmosphere. Tighten the shape with a black canvas belt to create an avant -garde “sweet and spicy” mix and match.



The combination of simple white T -shirts and cone pants can be used with black canvas waist to emphasize waistline. Long hanging belt can highlight the beautiful vertical lines.

▼ Black canvas belt autumn and winter model demonstration



The loose green pants are paired with a unique pullover with satin and knitting stitching. When it is a single product with a high sense of design, please use the black canvas belt to increase the mature feeling of shape.



Combining the basic long -sleeved T -shirts and loose trousers, it brings a relaxed feeling. The top and belt are uniformly black to highlight the brick red of the pants. Deep color tone enhances the feeling of autumn.



Khaki pants. Simple items are combined to make them a daily style that everyone likes. The canvas belt and other accessories are unified into black, which is used to compare with light -colored clothes.


Alright! Have you mastered the canvas belt? Is it not as ugly as you are? If you are satisfied with the above shape, you can also try to start with one or two canvas waists. It also has the biggest advantage, that is -cheap and environmentally friendly! Did you make you feel excited? If you think it’s good, let’s like the author first!