Summer vacation is coming, many mothers around me are preparing for the child to go to the seaside, one by one, bought equipment, beach skirt, sunglasses, swimsuit, sand-drama, sunscreen … Number of two can list big two The list of sheets of paper.

And I also found that this year is most sought after by them, asking the reason: this year is popular, and the straw hat and summer are really worth it!

Indeed, the straw hat is really good.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

I still remember the mobile phone a few days ago, I saw that Zhang Ziyi sent a video of her in Cannes, and she was walking in the red dress, and the white skin, the splendid smile, really have to sigh, she lived each Mom is looking forward to it!

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

At that time, I was also a long grass on her head, and I was so beautiful, and I also had a feminine.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Because I still like to wear a hat very much, all kinds of hats in my family also put big and small lattice, but the straw hat is not much.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

So I also study it, I am ready to come to wear it. This look, I found that the style of straw hat is also very different.

There is a flat-top hat with a top with a hat and a top, and it is a feeling of special handsome.

There is such a top-saver Panama cap. After wearing, the face of the face is deep, there is a special lining.

There are also such as a bell-shaped straw hat like a fisherman, and the sagged hat looks very soft, there is a fresh literary sense.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

There is also this sashimi, used to take pictures, I am very eye-catching, travel travel, wear a certainty, everyday, may still be a bit exaggerated, but it is good to look!

Of course, the end is the best-in-one width hat that I like most, there is a little ribbon and lace decoration, giving a very sweet feeling, wearing a very warm and female taste.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

And the super wild, the utility is very high, Sun Hao, take it out of it.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Whether it is a long skirt

Short skirt

Or sweater

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Or t-shirts can be taken, and it is still very good, the most important thing is to bring your baby!

Originally, I want to buy the same brand with Sun Hao, but a search, a hat is more than 700, and I don’t go to my hand.

I want to want to want to find a hat type, affordable, so I have compared a few, I finally have a look, let’s take a look, huh, my book is still still!

The color is high, the concave shape is beautiful, and it is a very lazy feeling that is very lazy to sit on the balcony.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Stand up, cooperate with and shoulders, and there is a small playful feeling.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

The little girl saw it very much, and I also went to wear it. It is a feeling that her long hair is another feeling, and the big bow is a bit exaggerated, but it looks unexpected and very harmonious!

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

I don’t know if my parents have noted that the hats behind are not the ellipse of the rules, but they have opened a small mouth, so even if they are tied, they are not afraid to be pressed by the hat.

Positive looks very small!

The little shot and aunt also said a detail I didn’t care, she said: Sister, this hat is just right, wearing a neck, will not run with a gust of wind, it is blown by the wind.

I think so, it is true that it is the most difficult to wear a hat.

From time to time, it will be adjusted, running or coming to the wind, one hand must be tightly grabbed, sometimes it is not idle, I have to wait until the hat is blown away, and afterwards, I will follow it later, and it is so awkward.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

This is indeed very good, open the fan to the biggest file, and then fly around the hair, hair and Liu Hai, the hat is still not moving.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Because this is found, the good feeling of this hat has risen a bit, so I will look at it again in my hand.

It is found that the whole hat is very soft, weaving is very delicate, and it is very good in hand.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Wipe with hand, you will not feel your hand at all. There is no stroke, even if it is turning over the opposite side, the piece of the hat, it is very careful, the trace is very neat, and it is very secure.

A look at the material, using natural paper grass collected from Taiwan, producing the paper into the traditional craft into the city, then twisted into a straw rope, and woven the cap.

The woven hat does not have a complicated pattern, so it has not been complicated, and it is very good to look up.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

After wearing, I found that the part of the hat is a downward curved design. It is a little special than the general hat. It is like a pair of walking on the boundaries of fashion and literary, and there is also a woman taste.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

At the same time, because this hat is very soft, we can regulate the curve of the arc, or flip it directly, there will be different feelings!

The head circumference can also be adjusted by themselves, as long as the black line in the hooded hat, you can tighten it, so don’t worry about your head, wear a problem!

In addition to being good to wear, this grass hat is still very sunscreen.

It is also said above, because the hat is a bit down, so no matter the front face, or behind the neck, it can be covered.

Moreover, not only, but also have professional sun protection, after testing, can effectively block 99.9% UVA ultraviolet rays, protect us not to be tanned, sunburn, can be said to be very friendly.

Finally, it also has a very unique design when accommodating.

Look, there is a dark button on both sides of the bow, as long as we put the hat from the left and right sides, then buckle, the hat will become a small.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

It is very small and convenient to take in your hand or in the bag, and it doesn’t take space.

I have a good one, and I have a hundred, so I contact the group purchase recommendation to everyone, there are 2 styles, each with 2 colors.

One is a Zama, there are two colors, a black, an orange.

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

One is a round cap, and it is also two colors, a blue, a cof color.

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预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

Unique Fairtale

Retro ribbon straw hat

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Pricing: 199 yuan

Xiaoli group purchase price: 139 yuan

预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

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预告 | 明星同款专业防晒草帽,戴上它,肤白脸小造型美,暑假出游的美照都有啦

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