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The suspender is a variety of elements in simple clothing. The suspender has a practical effect, that is, restraint the figure, shows the delicate sense of dressing, so that the figure can support the clothing. Among some clothing, the suspender also has a decorative effect, which can make the shoulder lines more charming, and at the same time, it can also increase the charm of the sense of view.

There are different variants in the suspenders. The traditional suspender is two slender bands. The strands of the trendy clothing design can be thickened, the pattern can be increased, can be designed with different fabrics, and it can be improved into the neck style.


If the hanging neck of the hanging neck clothing is designed as a cloth -shaped, then it can be regarded as a suspender improved clothing, as if the two straps were knotted behind the neck.

Clothing with suspenders has simple characteristics, but the modification of the figure is obvious, and at the same time, it is also picky about the body. If you want to show charm with a camisole clothing, you can learn from Li Qihong.

Li Qihong and the 10 -year -old Hui Yinghong in the same frame, with their heights, show their advantages, fresh temperament but full of gas. “Little Pepper” Li Qihong still has a sense of purity when she is old. Li Qihong’s innocence is really advantageous, attractive, and the charming hanging neck skirts all wear different personalities.

Li Qihong’s hanging neck skirt fashion

The design of the neck skirt

The design sense of the neck skirt is similar to the suspender, but the two suspenders are not

Two sides


Neck knot



Together, so the hanging neck skirt has a

Improved suspender skirt

The characteristics of the suspender skirt can still be seen from the front.

All design sense of the neck skirt will be concentrated


Under the influence of hanging neck, the neckline will also show new features, that is, accumulation characteristics, forming


The effect is more casual.

The color characteristics of the neck skirt

The color of the neck skirt will interfere with the shape of the style. The impact of color characteristics is intuitive. Older women prefer to wear solid colors and partial


As well as




Skirts, such colors can improve the sense of high -level neck skirt and avoid wearing soil smell.

Women with obvious age can choose


Hanging neck skirts, wearing a lively and fresh, but wearing momentum may not be enough. The simpler the color, the more obvious the temperament is.

The advantage of wearing a neck skirt

The neck skirt has the basic characteristics of a suspender skirt, and the design is simple, so the body’s sense of expansion is more obvious. The lines of the arms and shoulders are clear, so if this part


With advantages, the charm of wearing a neck skirt will be more enough.

If the neck skirt is

Swaying design

Then the overall vision will have a sense of concentration, and the vision will be concentrated

Shoulder and neck position

In this way, the overall temperament will be greatly improved.


Simple skirt advantage

Simple skirts with suspended elements can




As the focus of modification, the restraint of the body is extremely low, which can make the temperament be displayed in the most milder way.

Simple skirt is suitable

Pure temperament

Elegant and generous

Women, clothing design and personal temperament can fit together, making the advantage style clear.

There are many applications in clothing elements in clothing, and some appear alone. Sometimes it will be combined with other design elements. When combined with other elements, the charm is multi -layered and polygonal. Diverse.

Daily application of suspender elements

Design and application of pure suspenders

The design of the pure camisole is the most simplified design. It only supports the clothing with two straps, which is simple and looks very fresh. Tibette clothing with






The suspender wearing is very refreshing, so it can be directly worn in the hot season, and in the cool season, it can be matched with inside or outside to show the wearing




The binding of the camisole and the shoulder

The suspender can also be matched with a word shoulder.


The characteristics, if the shoulders and necks look good, then wearing it will have a particularly amazing feeling.

The simple shoulder design will have a sense of unsuccessful support. At this time, with a camisole, the visual sense can be changed. From the original sexy dress to fresh and lively dress, the temperament is in the temperament


Set off.

The binding of the suspender and hanging neck


The suspender can also be combined with the hanging neck, which appears

Multi -layered suspender

In the design sense, some clothing is designed to be superimposed. The design of the inner and outer camislars is different, ensuring that the superposition will not show a sense of burden.

Tips and hanging necks have


There are also


, Enhance the design sense of the neck position, visually rich and diverse. You can choose the clothing with the hanging neck and the suspender, or you can choose the autonomous superimposed clothing with two design characteristics.

The suspender element can be used on the top or on a skirt, which can give clothing simple characteristics. Wearing such costumes can make the image temperament fresh and lively, and the figure charm will also appear. The suspender clothing has a variety of temperament and can also be combined with a variety of trend elements. Women can choose a suspender dress that suits them.

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