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Recently, “Very Beautiful Li Huizhen” is on the air

Although I have seen the Korean version of the big meow, I am really not interested,


However, the face and matching of the heroine Dili Reba still couldn’t help but glance. ↓

Long and chaotic dog curly hair,

Large thick black -frame glasses,


Do you think it is not fashionable to wear glasses?

Four -eye field chicken, dull and stupid, boring …

These pot glasses are not back!


When it comes to how many years ago, the “nerd” was standard for many years ago. Many girls were laughed at the label of “Four Eyes Chicken”.

However, the world is hard to predict that the glasses girl is fortunate to bring salt for fashion. Everyone has also branded the reputation of “young girls” with this retro style.


I wonder how inspiration is the retro style brought to the designers


Every few seasons will be moved out by the designers

On the big show in the new season, the retro trend is everywhere


▲ From left to right: Louis vuitton / Thom Browne / Gucci / MAX Mara / Alice Olivia


Did you find that each model must be equipped with a stupid and cold glasses frame.

Wearing glasses = stupid and ordinary? NO!

The Chinese version of “Very Beautiful Li Huizhen” v.s. Korean version of “She’s Beautiful”, the routine is the same, the heroine’s face is the same


Hermism and stupid book nerd could not hit a piece of eight poles.


It is miserable to make Reba into this virtue.

The attributes of the Korean version of the female lead, such as vicious curls+frying hair!


The Korean version is relatively thorough. Although the glasses are not so old, the attributes of malignant curls+frying hair are also very ruthless!


But I think both dramas have a common problem! The screenwriters have a fashion misunderstanding ↓

Wear glasses = stupid, mediocre, ugly and tacky! Intersection


It’s simply, Da Meow feels that we will not carry this pot! (After all, I also wear glasses in life)


Dili Reba

Hurry up to Dili Reba, in fact, she will make it! The thin -frame glasses with red lips, the temperament is almost different!


Jiang Shuying


Jiang Shuying’s latest street shooting, red is the focus, glasses are used to improve literary and artistic Fan Da

Tang Yan


The small round glasses of sugar also show their cuteness, and this method of shooting will not hinder your eyes be careful.

Yuan Shanshan

Yuan Shanshan is really fashionable.


Irene kim


Wearing the glasses looks more delicate!

Kendall Jenner

The book dumb glasses led by the little sister Jin is expanding. Maruko heads, ponytails, and my fashionable book nerds, who wants to come out.

Ken Dou’s glasses shape, this scholar is a bit cute ~

Yang Mi


Large power also likes to use glasses frame concave shape

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