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“Journal of the Central Academy of Socialism” Published a set of theoretical articles in the fifth issue of 2021. The editor took one of the “Research on the New Social Class” by Li Peilin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to readers.

Strengthen the study of new social classes

Li Peilin

my country has officially proposed the concept of “new social class” for 20 years, which is helpful for us to understand and accurately grasp the great changes in my country’s economic system and social structure after the reform and opening up. It is of great significance to plant social forces for socialist modernization. The “new social class” is a very Chinese -character concept, and it will also become a special research field and research topic in the academic community. However, in general, so far, the research on the “new social class” is still lacking. It is difficult to keep up with the practical development of rapid changes. A research area and research topic must be strengthened.

First, study new social classes in the framework of the structure of the entire social structure. The new social class is the product of the changes in my country’s economic system and the changes in social structure. It is necessary to understand the generation of new social classes from the background of this huge change, and we must not study the new social class in isolation. The structure of socialist socialism with Chinese characteristics determines the structure, social role and social role of the new social class, and the new social class has also become an important window for us to observe and analyze the changes in macro social structures.

Second, we must strengthen investigations and research on new social classes. The new social class is a new thing, and currently lacks a deep and detailed investigation. During such a difficult revolution in 1925, Mao Zedong wrote an article “Analysis of the Class of Chinese Society in China” through in -depth rural surveys. It has a detailed analysis of reasonable and well -established. question. Therefore, the actual investigation should be the basis for all experience research. In terms of new social investigation, the more prominent problems are lack of large -scale, standardized, and continuous survey and statistical data, which has a great impact on the scientific and standardized of new social class research. Sociology has a good social survey tradition. It is necessary to carry out a standardized, continuous national or key cities in this regard to accurately grasp the scale, characteristics, development trends, social attitudes and policy needs of the new social classes. In this regard, you can learn from the survey of private business owners across the country. The Private Enterprise Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has been commissioned by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. It has conducted investigations from private business owners nationwide in 1993. It has been conducted once every two years. By 2020, it has been carried out 14 times to form a good database, which is a good database. In -depth research in this area has laid the foundation.

Third, the study of the development trend of new social classes and the differences in internal groups must be strengthened. The new social class is still in the stage of rapid growth, and its development and changes are rapid. It is necessary to have a deep understanding and grasp of the trend of development. In addition, the new social class is very different from the traditional class class we understand. It is not a social class with consistent economic status and social status. Social classes and new social classes characterized by possession of technology and management resources, sometimes this internal differences are larger than the differences between class, so we must strengthen this study in targetedly.

Fourth, the academic research and policy research of the new social class should be organically combined. Strengthening academic research is to pay attention to the scientific, standardized, and basic nature of research, both focus on the current situation, but also the long -term trend, especially the new social classes should be placed in the overall class structure to analyze and research Essence Strengthening policy research is to adhere to “problem orientation” and take realistic problems in the development of national political, economic and social development as an important research purpose, and can produce policy results that meet the needs of the development of the times. These two aspects should be complementary and need to be organically combined.

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, a new social class that has grown rapidly in the profound changes in the economic system and the profound changes in social structure, play an important role in China’s economic and social development and modernization, and become the main in the construction of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics. strength. However, in all aspects of politics, economy, society, and culture, the new social class is still a social class without complete shape. It is still necessary to strengthen guidance and shaping in the process of rapid changes. In terms of politics, the new social class is embedded in the social structure of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Their own interest orientation must obey the country’s interests and social welfare, and integrate the development of their own cause into the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Correctly deal with political and business relations, and strengthen the political identity of the new social class to the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. This is a realistic topic of governing the country under new historical conditions. In terms of economy, the new social class is still in rapid differentiation and continuous fluctuations. A considerable number of new social classes are very fragile in economic adaptability in the economic situation. The development helps them solve the outstanding problems encountered in development, continuously improve the business environment, and promote the economic stability and rapid growth of new social classes; new social classes must also strengthen self -discipline and consciously serve socialist economic construction. Adhere to the professional ethics of patriotism, dedication, innovation, law -abiding, integrity, and contribution. At the social level, the new social class must be rich and thoughtful, and think of it. It assumes the responsibility of the due social, cares about the social welfare undertakings, first enrichs and then wealth, and establishes a good social image. In terms of culture, it is necessary to promote the core values ​​of socialism, abide by social morality, and play an important role in enhancing cultural self -confidence.

In short, strengthening the study of new social classes, accurately grasping the economic characteristics, political attitudes, and social functions of the new social class is an important issue for building socialism with Chinese characteristics and governing the country. It must be promoted in deep and solidly.

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