The words and poems praised the little six sons, and promised to make a plum crisp for him, and the sixth son left with joy. The two girls hugged their clothes and quickly returned to the bathroom with their hands and opened their clothes in unison. The gradient blue bottom show plum blossom has a large plum plum skirt. It is a low -key moon white and white shoulder inside is pure white mink. The red -embroidered small tiger’s soft silk bellyband is red. Essence


The hands and feet cannot be lighter, put sugar and sugar, and take the spacious and bright rooms. If it is not for the sugar candy, the identity is not yet clear, they really want to hold the sugar and flower back to their room. Without signs of waking up, the two looked at each other cunningly, and they would hold them into a circle chair with a thick back pad with a thick cushion. A comfortable position was squinting, ignoring the two girls.

Yu Nuo and Yue Shi stomped into her popular hair. First divide the hair above the head into two, grab two small hair buns, use the red silk thread, and then put a plush white velvet ball, and the red silk threads that deliberately droop to the ears are skewed on the small. Pearl, the hair in the ears was divided into a few strains, pierced into a small braid, hanging on the chest, and the hair behind his head obediently loosened, hanging behind him. While combing her hair for sugar sugar, they lamented that the female doll’s hair was really good! In a word, these two maids love sugar sugar and Xiaohua, and use various methods to make their own ability to dress sugar, which is really tossing.

Why did you wake up with sugar sugar? Is it really fainted again? Or is Ning Dizi invalidated? Why doesn’t Xiaohua wake up sugar? Because Xiaohua followed the sugar sugar since he was a child, he was familiar with the breath of sugar, and saw that the sugar sugar complexion was normal and the breath was peaceful. Only she had nothing to do with it. Ning Dizi did not fail. On the contrary, it played a great effect, warming the body of sugar, and enhancing the control of the sugar sugar. The sugar sugar is now in a state of condensation. Small bodies swim in it, and all kinds of relaxation of all kinds of comfortable and comfortable. Although there are two women who toss herself, she can’t feel a trace of malicious herself, so she is very nostalgic for this warm feeling, just like her father and mother The embrace, unwilling to wake up at all.

I don’t know how long, the two maids stared at her big eyes and stared at the sugar sugar without blinking. They were boring. Why didn’t this female doll not awake? I really wanted to wake her up! Two stupid little maids really did that, poked the sugar sugar with a fleshy little hand, poked the little face that was slightly pale and thin, poked, and poked. Come down! Sugar sugar was in a very comfortable state of condensation. It felt like a small paw kept poking himself, and was addictive. After a while, he couldn’t bear it.

Glipper opened his eyes and looked at the two girls with the same appearance and dressed as a mold, and he stunned himself. Yu Nuo and the poems were stunned, and then they were happy, holding the little hand of sugar sugar, and kept talking “My name is Nuo Nuo, her name is called” “What is your name?” “Are you hungry? “” Do you want to drink water? “” Are you so cute, where is your family? “… Seeing the half -scent of incense, seeing the two of them did not stop at all, sugar sugar said nothing:” The two stops and stop and stop Olympic, I am dizzy. “The words and poems heard that the sugar sugar was dizzy, and I was very nervous. I stopped and stunned. I was embarrassed to” sorry, noisy you “. Seeing that Sugar Sugar was two friendly and pure girl, she spit out my tongue, “I have nothing to do, I intentionally, hey, my name is Tangtang, this is a small flower”, refers to the little tiger and flower.

Sugar candy looked at the two girls carefully. It was really stupid to distinguish between the difference between the two. The poems looked at the sugar sugar that swept around on themselves and the words, and said with a smile. It is twins, Yinuo is a sister. You see that her right cheek has a small dimple. I am a sister’s poem. I have a small dimple in my left cheek, which is easy to distinguish. ” Speaking, I feel that my sister Yu Nuo is more cute.

Now that the sugar sugar has been looked at it for four weeks. The spacious and bright room is completely different from the stone house where I lived. A desk with a colorful bottle with four treasures and plum blossoms, a large wood carved bed in the room, the white bed account hangs with Ruyi hooks, the new bedding is soft and elegant, and there are two embroidery beside the bed. The cotton cushion is high, the dressing table is high, with dressing boxes, copper mirrors and other items. Even the ground is covered with a carpet, and then the screen of the maid fluttering butterfly is separated from the bedroom. The tall table against the wall is placed with two pottery and various fruits. Below is a small square table with four back chairs.

Sugar sugar has never seen such a beautiful room. Many things can’t be named. The small head of sugar sugar can’t respond to it. I slept. Where, Nena said, “Where is this? What about Shang Ling Che people?”, Yinuo poems heard the name of the sugar sugar call the little king, and hurriedly covered her mouth, and whispered “This is the palace of loyalty. Wang Ye’s name cannot be said casually … “. Knowing that it is the home of the stinky boy, the sugar sugar is settled. Anyway, the stinky boy will not kill her and Xiaohua at all. Continuously.

Photo and text unrelated source Gu Suajiao