The longer the time


The stronger the memories


Some foods are mentioned


It’s not only your taste buds

And the innocent childhood memories of that day


People before the 80s may still remember that when they were about to celebrate the New Year when they were young, there was a snack that was crispy, sweet and sweet, and was hidden in the iron box by adults. I’m afraid of the tide of the iron box.


The frozen rice sugar hidden in the iron box, the childhood taste in memory, have you remembered it?

In addition to your own frozen rice sugar, the store was also sold at that time.

Toyoto -free rice sugar may be a memory of decades ago, but for itself, it has a history of production for more than 200 years.


Fengcheng frozen rice sugar was produced during the Qianlong period and was named “Jiangnan Xiaoche” by Qianlong. It is said that Qianlong’s response was like this:

Every year in October, many people will start preparing to produce frozen rice sugar. At that time, this was a commonly used pastry for hospitality to solve tea, and it represents a full year.


Ancient traditional handmade

The famous “crispy crispy and sweet” Fengchengzilong brand frozen rice sugar has always been so pure, of course, it is inseparable from its traditional fine production technology.

1. First choose high -quality glutinous rice

2. After steaming, dry for three days, it becomes “frozen rice”

3. Put the frozen beige in the oil pan and fry it into “frozen rice flowers”, and then drain the oil


4. Add the prepared auxiliary materials (white sugar, sesame, maltose, osmanthus, etc.) and stir well, then pour into the grinding plate while hot, and make the pressure quickly formed

The most classic and traditional flavor of Fengcheng frozen rice sugar is osmanthus. In addition to this taste, because of the different ingredients, there are purple potato flavors and pumpkin flavor.

The classic osmanthus flavor frozen rice sugar is also very strict during the production process. It must be the sweet -scented osmanthus tree with a long annual wheel.

In the first -phase TV interview with Jiangxi, a inheritor of Fengcheng frozen rice sugar talked about the requirements of osmanthus. The longest annual rotation reached 960 years, and the youngest is the 240 -year -old osmanthus tree.

Although there are more and more pastry on the market, Fengchengzi Longan rice sugar across the long river across the long river is not just a kind of food, but also the sweetest memories and the strongest years of childhood.