The general water quality of turtles is neutral or weakly alkaline, and the pH value can be aged between 6.5-8.1. But family breeding does not need to pay special attention to this issue like a farm.

If the turtle tank landscape, the water quality can be measured after opening the cylinder, including the pH value to prevent the water quality of inferior glue or other non -environmental items during the landscape.

The other is inferior fake sinking wood. Pay attention.

The effect of filter material on the pH value

When it comes to adjusting the pH value, then we must first understand the impact of things in our fish tank on the pH value.

The filter materials that are often used at present seem to have not reduced the role of pH.

The new filter material does not allow the pH in the water to rise, only volcanic stones (just not rising),

Whether the rest are various cotton, bacterial houses, glass rings, ceramic rings, wheat rice stones, coral stones,

All new filter materials enter the cylinder is alkaline,

In the first three to five weeks to one to two months used,

The pH value in the cylinder will continue (the type of filter material is different, and the time is different).

The pH value of tap water

According to different places, the pH value of tap water is also high or low, but everyone knows that water that is beneficial to human health is weak alkaline water.


Therefore, regardless of north and south, the pH value of tap water is between 7.2-8.8.

整 The effective adjustment method of PH

Remember in a word: easy to rise, reduce difficulty.

Treatment of filter material (early adjustment of pH value)

The processing before the filter material into the cylinder is the most important. The preliminary treatment of the filter can reduce the trouble and risk of adjusting pH later.

Method: Wash the filter materials to be replaced 5-7 days in advance and put them in a basin or other container.

Add water and add pH lowering agent,

Let the filter material soak in water with an ultra -low pH value, and the alkaline of neutralizing the filter material,

Add nitrifying bacteria after 24-48 hours to allow bacteria to synchronize.

After the soaking, the filter material is replaced in batches so that the nitrification system in the cylinder is not damaged.

Note: Since the release of alkaline substances for new filter materials is a continuous process, during the soaking process, the pH value of the foam filter water is often tested.

If the target value is above the target value, you need to add a lower pH to neutralize alkaline substances,

The filter material can be detected again the day before the cylinder, and the pH value can no longer exceed the target value.

In addition, specialty training materials such as cotton, glass rings, bacterial houses, etc.

It is recommended to be replaced once every 4-6 months,

Mai rice stone, volcanic stone, coral sand and other functional filter materials should be taken out once every 3-4 months.

The maximum cotton has no more than two months to clean it once,

The sedimentation and aging of the filter material are a major cause of the turbidity and disease in the cylinder.

Especially bacterial infection diseases.

Selection of Filter Materials

Understand the effect of filter material on the pH value, which is related to how to choose the problem of filter material.

There is no need to say more about cultivation filter materials. Cotton, bacterial houses or NO.1 are essential.

Volcanic Stone: It has no great impact on the pH value and can be used.

Mai Fanshi: It has a certain improvement effect on the pH value, but it is said that wheat rice stones will release some trace elements in the water. It is recommended to use a small amount.

Coral sand: Coral sand will release various alkaline substances in water, and it is continuously released, and it will not stop because the length of use or low pH water is used. Therefore, it is recommended to use less.


Lanren leaf: Lanren leaf has no effect on the reduction of the pH value, and it will produce residue after a few days of corruption. It is not recommended to use it.

How to increase pH value

Very simple: change water, change filter materials, add coral sand.

Effective way to reduce pH value

The filter material replacement is processed in the early stage (see above).

Add black water (better effect, natural, the disadvantage is very dark water).

Add pH lowering agent (personal recommendation of the Delex brand), the effect is good, not dark water.

How to use the pH lowering agent and precautions

The value of the PH lowering agent can reach 1-2, so the adjustment effect of the water body is very strong. If you add more, it is easy to cause water quality oscillation. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use it like this:

1. Use inside the water tank. According to the instructions, add it after the water tank is installed, adjust it to the value you want, and then trap the water. The process of trapped water has also been diluted and neutralized.


2. Use directly into the cylinder, strictly follow the instructions, and then add it several times. Do not pour too much at one time. You must use it in small amounts and add it several times.

3. Bubble filter material (see above).

Note: The pH lowering agent should not be put too much at a time.


If you accidentally pour too much, do not change the water immediately, you can change a small amount of water.

Add coral sand to adjust (remember to adjust it and take it out), a large amount of water changes to the fish more and the risk is higher.