1. Last night, the organization was organized to check the operation of the three grades, but I found that the student would really not be as obedient as we thought, which caused the inspection to not be meticulous enough. A little complained.

2. Where is this problem? Is the student who check it at will, or is it unwilling to find out for the inspection of the inspection classmates? This problem needs to be investigated tonight.

3. This is the first inspection, which can be exposed to the problem very well in order to better cope with future inspections. From this incident, I think that if you do anything, you need to predict more problems at any time. Don’t believe anyone easily.

4. From the perspective of the inspection, many teachers are really diligent and diligent, love their jobs and dedicated, and have very serious corrections. There are many times of correction. Usually there are no meticulous inspections, and it is difficult to find. of.

5. The book “Facts” tells us that do not always judge certain things or some people based on subjective judgments, and do not locate certain things or some people by subjective phenomena. When speaking, numbers can often reflect the most authentic side. Of course, numbers must be objective and authentic.

6. Publish the situation, do not participate in any personal subjective judgment, and speak with facts, and you have a clear conscience.

It’s finished today, come on!