The dinner cabinet is an indispensable and practical design of today’s renovation. It can be used as a restaurant tea set, or it can be used as a daily storage cabinet, and can make the table The countertop is empty, allowing the restaurant space more and more beautiful and practical. So how to design is good and practical when you customize the dining edge. Let’s talk about my opinion!

1, how to do a good-looking sideboard?

1 Unity with space style

The side cabinet is a relatively large furniture, wants to look good at the sideboard, first-first meals itself, to do unity with the overall space, let the side cabinet become a location of the decorative landscaping space.

2 into the wall design


On the left and right side of the general mean cabinet, there will be on the wall, so that the other side is the side of the show, the whole looks more symmetry, if you want the sideboard look more beautiful, then dining When the side cabinet is on one side, then the side cabinet is formed into wall-style design, which will be more beautiful.

3 contrast design

Customized sideboards are generally selected wood or white, the volume of the entire cabinet is also relatively large. If the whole cabinet is a color, the big cabinet will appear a little monotonous; if you want to let the sideboard design More interesting, you can add a colored design to the cabinet, cabinet, etc., enhance the beauty effect of space.

2, how do practical mesh?


1 super large cabinet

The cabinet of the sideboard is generally small in size, and the bottom of the sideboard is also a position that will not be used frequently. When designing the interior of the plain, you can put the cabinet at the bottom of the table. Made into a big cabinet, so some large items can be accommodated.

2 super long cabinet


Like a vacuum cleaner, the ordinary cabinet is not allowed, so when doing a meal sidewall design, you can leave a height of the side, a slightly smaller cabinet, so some super Long items, such as vacuum cleaners, badminton rackets, spare brooms, etc.

3 top glass cabinet door

The cabinet on the upper layer of the side cabinet is usually used to place some wine bottles, decorations, etc. If there is no cabinet door, it will be dusty, it is not easy to manage, install the door, the decoration is blocked and didn’t decorate Effect, in order to weigh the beautiful and practical, if the budget is enough, you can make a glass cabinet door design.


4 central airway


In addition to storage debris, the side cabinet is also a table auxiliary location for the restaurant, so when designing the sidewall, it is recommended to leave the space in the middle, so like a kettle, small appliance, tea tray, milk powder can, etc. Endo, can be conveniently placed here to maintain the simplicity of table tops. The height of this leaflet is generally more than 40 cm, which can put down most of the small appliances and kettles, and easy to use.


5 drawer layer

When designing the sidewall, you can also add the design of the drawer layer inside, so like a disposable water cup, a toothpick, etc., you can accommodate the drawer, which is convenient to take, and better classify.


6 Beige

If you like to drink, Tibetan wine, you can add the design of the sight in the side of the cabinet. It is not only practical, but also a fine bottle also has a certain decorative effect, which can improve the level of space. feel.


3. Drying cabinet design considerations

1 tableholder depth

The depth of the sideboard is generally 35-40cm. If it is too shallow, some little item is easy to let go, but too deep, the things that put it are not good, therefore do 35-40cm sideboard It is a reasonable and practical depth.

2 stay socket


In the empty side of the sideboard, if you use small electrical appliances, stering the kettle, then you need to reserve the corresponding socket in this place to prepare from time to time.

The custom-made sidewall is a relatively large storage cabinet in the restaurant. If you want to make a practical effect, then you should consider thoughtful according to your own needs, and some of the above personal summary, you If you have any good ideas, you can also add in the comment area.