Many people mistakenly think that the “Swiss Army Knife” is a brand. In fact, there are two authentic Swiss military knives in the world. They are Victorino, which was built in the Mount Alps in central Switzerland in 1884 and in 1893 Wenger, founded in Delemond, Switzerland. The two brands are similar at night. The difference in trademarks is that Victoria is a Swiss Cross -country emblem in the shield, and Weigo is a cross -horizon in a rounded corner. In addition, the lower end of its main knife is engraved with their respective names “Victorinoxswitzerland” and “WengerDelmontswitzerland”. Without these engraved words, it is definitely not authentic Swiss military knife.

Although I bought it in the counter, I was more assured, but some small places were not sold. The price of Swiss Army Knife on the Internet is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The second line of the engraving of the Swiss Army Knife is close to the handle part. The subtitles “W” and the subtitles “M” are very different from the fake. Moreover, there is a space in the middle of the Swiss military sword letter “S” and “M”. No one. This is a Swiss military knife of a hunter’s economic version (scrub knife handle, color dark red) and hunter version (bright red knife handle). Among them, the economy version is genuine.

Domestic sales are mainly Victoria’s Swiss Army Knife,

First of all, look at the English of the root of the main knife


Authentic Victorino (Victorinox) Swiss Army Knife’s main knife is written on the front of the roots of the first row of English:





Generally speaking, the four rows above are occasionally seen in the following three rows. (Most soldiers of 58, 74, 84, 91, 111 millimeters are like this above)



111 mm, the military knife that starts with 0.84 is basically all in the following three rows of English:

There is no top rostfrei


Most Victoria’s Swiss Army Knife’s main knife also has English (58mm, 74mm, 0.6910, 0.8710)::


The 84mm and 91mm Army Sword Main Knife Back is painted with a small umbrella -shaped thing. There is a “+” number below the left of the umbrella. Below this pattern is two rows of French:



Note: At present, there are three lines of English on the front of the main knife. There are only two lines of English on the back of the main knife. There is no such “+” and no small umbrella. It is also genuine.

There are two English on the back of the 111mm Army Sword main knife. The main knife is locked in different ways. The English is also different, which are:

The saber unlocking the knife is written on the back of the roots of the main knife:


The knife of the knife root unlock (commonly known as the thread lock) soldier was written on the back of the roots of the main knife:



There is also a special case here that there is no English on the Swiss Army Knife Card, so it cannot be said that this knife is a fake.

In the past five years, the roots of the authentic Victoria Swiss Army Sword will have these English characters mentioned above, but don’t think that those who play these words must be genuine. Recently, some low -cost champions have appeared on Taobao. The real product actually uses some 91mm -type corpse knives to modify, add imitation parts after opening the lid, and one is the one -handed version of the 111 mm series, such as rescue tools, Germans, one -handed hunting, etc. It is very similar, so you should pay attention when buying online, try to choose a shop with high credibility.

Secondly, look at the logo of the Swiss Army Knife.

1. Metal inlay, which is a favorite way for most military knife enthusiasts. It uses optical technology to embed the chromium metal into a plastic handle, and then tightens with pressure. This logo looks good outside, sparkling in the sun. Most military knives in the number of 0.6 series, 0.3 series, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.6 series are this symbol. The exception of the 0.6 series with lights and some 1.4 series.

2. The heat pressure type is engraved with copper mold pressure, occlusion metal foil, temperature and pressure. The engraving is deeper and will not easily rub it out. Some batches of 1.4 series of military knives such as 1.4733.72, 1.3653.72, and some batch of 0.6910 logo are made like this.

3. Eclipse, which is basically the economic version we often call. In other words, use the machine and equipment to make a shield -shaped pit first, and then spray a special silver paint inside. This paint will be worn out for a long time. Finally, there will be a shield -shaped shape left. The concave pit. Most of the arranged marching knives are matte surface, such as 3.3703, 2.3803, and so on. 2.6223 is an exception. Its handle is light, and the logo is eroded. Attentive buyers will find that the economic version of the logo is not exactly the same as the standard version. The cross in the standard version of the sign is connected with the shield -shaped frame, and the cross -shaped frame of the economy version is not connected to the shield frame. The reason is because the symbol of the metal version is inlaid in the knife handle. If the “cross” and the “shield -shaped frame” are separated, it is not easy to be positive when inlaid. Therefore, the standard version, the standard version The cross label and the shield -shaped frame are connected.

4, the rolling type is what we often say. Most of the 111mm sabers are like this. This saber logo is relatively wear -resistant, but it is too long or drawn it with a weapon. It will also drop it. The knife logo of the knife card is also crowded. The “German Army Knife” is an exception, and its logo is that a eagle and a knife handle are integrated.

Another one is a camouflage handle

Some buyer friends say why it is not a metal logo? The camouflage handle is not the same as the above models. It is made in the process of making molds in the process of molding. It is made directly in injection molding when the handle is injected. The logo is matched with the handle, so the color of the sign is also incorporated into the main color of the handle.

The cone cone can also be distinguished and false of the Swiss Army Knife. The cone cone is really rounder of the Swiss Army Knife, there is no obvious edges and corners, but fake

Look at work. The cost of most fake Swiss military knife is only a few yuan, or even lower. The material is generally iron, and it is easy to rust. The quality plastic can be seen at a glance from the appearance and workmanship, which is easy to argue.