Air-conditioned power cord connection technical requirements:

First, the basic requirements of the dismissal:

The core wire of a cable is needed, and the core cross-sectional area must be equal to or greater than the original core line cross-sectional area, the flame-retardant level must comply with the requirements of the air conditioner components.

Such as: the original core line is 1.5 mm 2, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire core needed to be rejected should also be greater than or equal to 1.5 mm2. The wires that need to be dispristed require the same material, the wire diameter, the core line of the core wire, and the same core color and the original wire. The connection must be connected according to the wire color, so as not to be at a time after the maintenance.

Second, commonly related methods

1: Remove the closed terminal

1. Use a closed terminal to dispense the tools, devices:

Brush, closed terminal, hot melt adhesive, electrical tape:

2, the method and technical requirements of the dismissal:

(1) The core wire is:

(2) Put the docked two-core wire and insert into the closed terminal (note: must be inserted, not allowing copper wire to run out of the closed terminal). Next, the terminal is placed on the crimping tiger mouth of the bridge, press hard to the bottom (pressed to the pressure.).

(3) Checking the line to the rear closed terminal is inspected with 27n tension. If it is loose, the closed terminal of the error is illustrated or the wrong crimping is placed.

(4) Precipitation of the tiger port: Dut to the clamping interface has three large, medium, small, and the operator should choose according to the large, middle, and small in the closed terminal used. Correct is: Big placing on the tiger mouth, in the medium pressure, the small pressure is placed on the small pressure. (See below)


(5) After the incision is closed, the melt is closed to seal the two core lines to ensure that the water must not be invaded.


(6) Sash the harness and wind around the electrical tape. The good harness will be harmed as much as compact, and then wrap it with the electrical tape to give double insulation, moisture protection. The wire connector should not be directly exposed to the outdoor environment, so as not to remove the insulating rubber.

(7) When the electrical tape is wound, the electrical tape should be entangled out of 3cm outside the dispersion interface and the number of round trips is not less than 2 times. (See below)


Common Dutiffs 2: Welding Dense


Method and technical requirements for welding duties:


(1) Core wire cut: The core wire is made naked from 10 mm long copper wire, and should not have a fork (see figure below), and use the solder iron with soldering iron on the bare copper core, pay attention to the solder must penetrate To the copper wire inside, the copper wire is completely enclosed.

(2) On one of the wires that need to be dispristed, the heat shrinkable line will be folded with the copper core of the two wires of the solder, hook each other, and twist it with force (as shown below . Finally, the solder welding is added. Note that the solder must fill the gap between the two wires and the hook.


(3) Move the solder point to the middle of the heat shrink tube that has already been enclosed, and finally heating the heat shrink tube, so that it is close to the wire (or use the electrical tape) to ensure that it cannot be moved left. (See below)

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