1. Basic knowledge of stainless steel jacket joints and pipeline series products

2. Stainless steel material foundation

– Stainless steel is all called stainless steel resistant steel, which is divided into two categories of stainless steel and acid steel. Among them, it is resistant to stainless steel that resists atmospheric corrosion, resist acid resistant steel resistant to chemical media (such as strong acid, strong alkali).

– Stainless steel from the tissue structure, martensite, ferrite, double phase, precipitated hardening, two types of austenite, martensite.

3. Stainless steel contained alloy elements

– Stainless steel is mainly rare elements such as Cr, Ni, Mo, and other rare elements.

– Generally speaking, steel having a molecular weight greater than 12% has a characteristic of stainless steel.

4. Why is stainless steel not rust?

– Stainless steel non-rusty is the stainless steel exposure to air, and further oxidation is prevented from further oxidation when stainless steel is exposed to air.

– This passivation film, main component is a chromium ferrous compound (FECR) 2O3. It has strong acid and corrosion resistance.

5. Stainless steel material general purpose

– Austenitic is generally used for processing parts and structural parts. Commonly used grade:

-1Cr18Ni9 (302)



-Y1CR18NI9 (303)

-0cr19ni9 (304)

-0Cr17Ni12MO2 (316)

-00cr17ni14mo2 (316L)

– is all austenitic stainless steel.

6. About 302, 303, 304

– What is selected 302, 303, 304

-302 has a maximum of 0.15% in carbon; generally used in ordinary pull-out members, decorative use, daily necessities

-304 contains a maximum of 0.08% in carbon;

-303 The basic composition is consistent with 302, but the amount of sulfur is high, reaching 0.15%, has good cutting performance, which can greatly reduce processing costs. Generally used for machining parts

7. What is the difference between 316 and 316L?

– Why does the parts use 316 or 316L, whether it can be interchanged.

– The main difference 316 has a maximum of 0.08% carbon, and 316L contains a maximum of 0.03%. Carbon heat is easy to form carbon chromium chromium chromium compound, causing a local Cr content to decrease, seriously affecting the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The product material that needs to be welded is 316L.

– Usually, the intensity of 316 will be slightly higher than 316L, so the general cartridge connector uses 316 material.

8. Other materials commonly used in stainless steel products


Working temperature-200 ~ 250 ° C, the chemical stability is preferably, the material is soft, cold flow, the material is broth to fall off

– Polytetrafluoroethylene-PCTFE (KEL-F®, 3M)

Working temperature-200 ~ 120 ° C, chemical resistance is second only to PTFE, high material strength, high pressure, clean and demand high

– Fluorine-Viton® (DuPont)

Work temperature -40 ~ 200 ° C, chemical stability

9. Other materials commonly used in special gas products


Nickel-copper alloy, percentage of about 63/28


Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy, percentage of about 56/22/13


Nickel-copper alloy, percentage of about 66/32

-Vespel® polyimide

High strength, high wear resistance, temperature reaches 288 ° C.

-KalRez® otopolyvara

Using tetrafluoroidal corrosion resistance, use temperature up to 316 ° C

10. Clean technology foundation

– Clean technology originated in the 1920s, the manufacturing of the US Air Force navigation gyroscope requires clean production environment to improve the productivity and product life, produce the earliest clean production concept;


– In the early 1950s, with the advent of HEPA (high-efficiency air particle filter), the earliest clean room (dust-capable);

11. Clean level

– The level of air cleanliness is divided into particles of particle size according to the unit volume.

– Generally used 10 multiples: such as 10, 100, 1000, 10000.

-10 indicates that the number of dust particles is less than 10 pcs per square foot is less than 10 pcs; converted into a metric is 352 pcs / m3.

12. Clean requirements for gas products

– Require product materials itself does not have dust

– Gas flow path has a high surface quality

– Require almost absolute non-leakage, safe and reliable

13. Electronic gas


– Semiconductor industry common gas includes silane (SiH4), phosphorne (pH3), decane (GEH4), boron trifluoride, trifluoride, tetrafluoride, etc.


– These gases are flammable, corrosive, and most of the poisonous. Requires the use of products absolute safety

– The rubber seal cannot be used, and the metal of metal must be used.

14. Stainless steel product introduction

15. Pipeline connection method

– Pipeline has multiple connection methods

– Welding (for welding and insert welding)

– Direct pipe thread connection

– US standard NPT thread (60 ° angle angle), national standard tube thread g and R series (55 ° angle of teeth)

– single card set connection

Dual card set connection

– Expansion (rising tube) connector connection

– flange connection

16. Double card sleeve

– In 1947, it was developed by Swagelok, USA.

– The connection is tight and there is almost no leakage.

– Good pressure resistance and connection with the pipeline.

– It is very convenient to install, no special tools.



19.Stainless Steel Ferrule Grip Area Hardness

20. Double card sleeve

– Assembly method

– Insert the pipe into the bottom of the joint, tighten the nut

– 1-1 / 4 lap with wrench, 3/16 “(4mm)

– The following lock 3/4 turns can be fastened.

twenty one.

22. Double card set performance

– The strength of the card sleeve is greater than the pipe strength, which is not broken, and the card sleeve does not detach, destroy.


– After removing, it can be reused, and the number of multiplex times is more than 25 times. The heavy lock is always locked to the original position and then locks 1/12 lap.

23. Double card sleeve

– Alternatively, can be fully exchanged with SwageLok.

-HE leak detection, no more than 1 × 10-8ATM.CC / SEC

– High and low temperature test (-40 ° C to 150 ° C)

– Vibration test (10-20 Hz vibration 1000,000)

24. Pipeline requirements

– Relatively speaking, using card sleeves on pipeline requirements.

– Generally required the outer diameter of the pipe tolerance to less than ± 0.1mm

– The mouth is hierarchical, and the surface has no obvious scratches.

– The nozzle remains a certain roundness and cannot be an ellipse.

25. Stainless steel pipeline work pressure

26. System temperature influence coefficient

27. Pipeline

-Tube & Pipe

-Tube outer diameter is a nominal size, general cold pull or squeeze

-PIPE inner diameter is nominal size, casting, forging, welding


*** Card sleeve can only be used for Tube

28. Stainless steel valve

– Currently we produted the card set valves include:

– Needle valve (NV series)

– Ball Valve (BV Series)

– One-way valve (CV series)

– Diaphragm valve (DV series)

29. Stainless steel valve

– Needle valve —- Traffic Regulator

– Mainly regulate gas flow sizes

– Simple structure, generally less used for semiconductors, high-purity gas industry to do switch valve


Serial number classification according to the path (or CV value)

30. Stainless steel valve

– Ball Valve —- Switch Valve

– Best switching power

– Single-piece, double-slice, three-piece forms according to structure

– Single-chip: simple structure, high technical requirements, high processing accuracy requirements. Applied in instrumentation and high pure gas industries.

31. Stainless steel valve

32. Stainless steel valve

– Diaphragm Valve —- Switch Valve


– The internal structure is simple, generally used for semiconductor, high-purity gas industry to do switch valve

33. Other stainless steel products

– Stainless steel filter

Filtration accuracy is 5, 10, 50 μm three specifications

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