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Lying in your mobile phone, Emoji expressions, and human beings have taken more than ten years,

And behind them may have the story and eggs you don’t know.

For example, put it together with an expression and an ice cream. Do you have any strange things?


The answer was announced,

The Emoji of the stool and ice cream is actually the same!

In 2015, Tete Netizen Peter Miller found this amazing coincidence. And this fatal discovery also allows cosmetic ice cream to be contaminated with a different taste.


A part of the netizens is more optimistic. They feel that they will see the emoticons in the future, just watch the chocolate ice cream.

Another part of the netizens can’t look straight to ice cream.

Until 2018, employee, who had participated in the original Apple Emoji designed, appeared in responding to everyone’s doubts –


The stool and ice cream, the former born in the design process at the time




This is a very happy feces, and it is an angela tutor. Raymond design.


Then, when developing Emoji, Ice Cream Emoji, Raymond utilized the contour. so,

Yes, it was put it on ice cream.

Very good, it is really a taste.


It is said that these Emoji has become a unique culture in just ten years in just ten years. They are really simple compared to the Hui’s expression, but it can make people do what they mean by people, people of different ages and different languages.

World famous 2.0


In addition to stool and ice cream,


Some Emoji is hooks with local cultural

. For example, the two cups of beer are labeled:

At first in the design of Emoji on beer, just a glass of separate beer. In 2010, the designer first proposed that people’s emotions were also added to these emoticons, so that he thought of people gathered to hit the scene of the beer glass.

In 2015, the Emoji of this trick was approved by the official recognition, and called “The Beer Cup”, which looks like two cups of very cold beer, bubble, collision, representing festival or traditional cheers .

Behind this movement also contains a cultural custom of Europe,


The medieval European believes that this sound of the beat the water can remove the evil spirits

. Emoji’s designer also hides the health of everyone in the two-tiered beer that is taking a cup.

Also contain small stories

These three monkeys:

They come from “Analects”

Let three monkeys do different actions, not the Emoji’s design team is free to do it, catch a monkey.


They are actually “three monkeys”, representing proverbs:

I can’t see evil, I can’t hear evil and can’t say evil. In the allusions, it is a symbol of cautious and greatness.

However, in EMOJI, they slowly derived a new meaning of the original designer’s original intention with the use area. For example, in the United States, some racists use these three monkeys in a particular environment to express the insult to the black people.

This year, there is a little story behind Emoji, touched many people.

Calculated time, 2021 is the 10th anniversary of the death of Apple’s founder, this year is dedicated to doing others, I don’t want to think, I have never left the apple world created by myself.


People find that in the Emoji used every day,


In fact, it hides a paragraph of Jobs left the world.

Emoji is amplified

This paragraph comes from 1997, the original text is:

Here’s to the crazy ones.

The Misfits.Therebels.The Troublemaker.

The Round PEGS in Thequare Holes ….

The ones who seen.


They’re Not Fond of Rules …

“To those crazy, unscrupulous, rebel, troublesome, and Gege”.

Those observed things in a new perspective – they hate ink to make a regulations, they will see the status quo … “


Those who mentioned in this Emoji think that they can change the world, they are indeed changing the world.

Emoji This word is actually from Japanese: 絵 text / えも じ, Emoji is the Japanese Roman sound. Initially, the visual emotion symbol used in Japan in wireless communications.

Early mobile emoticons were created by Ji Nian, from 1998 to 1999, and then various communications discovered the convenience of these expressions. Later, Apple began to do its own EMOJI, the initial batch was also officially logged in Japan in 2008. Other regions also use the initial EMOJI emoji emoker keyboard with the update of iOS5.

In 2014, it has been accustomed to the existence of these soybean short expressions in just six years. People even set up an unofficial world expression day, date is July 17, July 17.


Pick this date because Apple launched the first calendar function app on July 17, 2002, Apple in order to commemorate this day.

Just hide “July 17” in your own calendar Emoji


. Then this small egg was discovered by netizens, and everyone used this date to hide in Emoji.


Emoji’s fans have carefully held various activities from 2014, celebrating birthday for Emoji. They will express their love through COS own favorite expressions on social platforms.

Work hard from the expression to restore yourself into a soyman.


This is especially true for sisters.

There are also netizens to choose to paint this wonderful festival with Emoji.

Some people put themselves to everyone, and write it out with Emoji to invite everyone to decipher.

Translation as: You make me a little deer.


Seeing this, the madman also participated in a word, I heard that witty old iron has already understood.

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