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日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

Does anyone don’t like to visit the Japanese furniture store? !

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

A dazzling goods,

Can see you can touch it ~

Super is satisfied.

As we all know,

Japan’s Baiyuan store has also strolled.

What to say today is

“Japanese famous best products”


Well-known grocery chain brand 3COINS


There are a lot of good things, most of the goods can take only three coins.

3COINS X Crayon Shin New

噔噔 噔噔! This time it’s home

Unintended with crayons, launched a bunch of giant lovely around

Directed design by painting this writer

Xiaoxin, a small family, and the Spring Day defenders wear a variety of animal dolls to debut ~

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

A family is going to be complete ~ This is a hiwen home of the doll.

Cute cushion cover ~

The most special place is

3D stereo design,

Small new like nose, the beautiful hippo ear, etc. are all active. Meng Meng ~

Autumn and winter must have a small blanket!

One side is brown fluffy fabric

Look at warmth.

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

The other side is the cotton fabric

The above is filled with various animal doll children. Also secretly mixed with Xiaobai and Xiaoxin favorite fonders!

Cute food and mug ~

The complete set does not hesitate! Seeing a lovely little new mood will become very good.

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

Spring Festival Guards are all ~

Good cute convenience sticker

I don’t write it!

Cute little bag

, Is a small new and ambiguity ~

The fluffy flaps is very square. To ask what can be installed, then of course is a cute!

Practical use, printed with a doll role

Every day, I see these happy children, I should be very good.

There are more good things to go to the official website!

It is expected that there will be 37 surrounding products will be on sale.

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in


Sales on the store on December 4th, you can buy it on the official website on the 6th ~

日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in

If you like it, you have to hurry, because you will purchase it ~

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日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in


日本“名创优品”3COINS x蜡笔小新联名周边大公开!可爱到想all in