Villa garden landscape selection garden lamp. The shape can be slightly complicated and magnificent. A variety of combined lamps can increase brightness and momentum. The shape should be simple and generous, and the light distribution curve is reasonable. In general, the height of the garden light is 3-5 meters, and the lighting effect is good. In the villa garden, the lamp design can mimic nature and have a simple abstract modern shape. In general, the courtyard light emphasizes simple, generous, whole beautiful, and harmony with the environment.

The choice of the garden lamp in the villa garden should pay attention to the actual lighting effect, waterproof and dustproof, the type and lamp color should meet the design requirements, the garden light control should have a unified controller, the area is large, can be controlled into blocks, can be divided into 2 -3 control to facilitate future management.


The role of the garden light in the garden landscape:

Daytime, the courtyard light can decn out the view of the villa garden. At night, the garden garden light can not only provide the necessary lighting and life convenience, but also the road lighting of the garden corridor, improve the safety of night travel. It can also be used to increase people’s outdoor activities and improve their lives and property. Its hazy beauty can change the emotions of family members and improve people’s emotions.

What is the distance between the power of the lamp and the garden light and the lawn lamp?

At the corner of the courtyard, the light source is about 15-30W, the spacing is 8-12m; the garden lamp is about 6-8 meters, but most of the corners are 3.5 meters high, and some are also used for local spot light sources or small paths.

The lawn lamp lighting is low, mainly used for decoration, and does not need to consider the illuminance. Considering the illumination of the garden road, please use the garden lamp with a high height of 3.5 meters, the light source is 10-35W, and the spacing is 8-15 meters. The spacing can be designed according to site.

What is the layout of the garden light? The lawn lamp, projection lamp, high pole lights and street lights are generally separated. This depends on the brightness standard of the light source, that is, the power of the lamp, usually approximately 10 meters.

How much is the garden light? If you buy a garden light, it takes about a few hundred yuan. According to the needs of the garden area and the brightness, approximately 10 ~ 35W.

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