Recently, the Hong Kong Consumer Council tested 40 different types of cleansing water products on the market, each price of HK $ 48 from HK $ 355, and the price of each millis is from 0.26 to HK $ 3, and the phase is more than 10 times.

Test items include detection of sample preservatives, cleansing effects, label materials, and product brands provide product packaging environmental recycling services. The test results show that the overall cleansing effect of the water oil mixed cleansing liquid sample is better.

Test Overall Rating: 11 widgets


The test results show that 9 water oil mixed makeup remover, 9 have a total comment of five-star, including Hermina Helena Rubinstein, Vichy Vichy Laboratoire, Clinique CLINIQUE, Memory New York Maybelline New York, Skin La Roche-Posay, Barbarrang Bobbi Brown, Lancome Lancôme Paris, Muji, Shiseido.

In the most expensive Helena Rubinstein, which claims to be produced in France, the retail price is about $ 230, which is about $ 2.64 per ml, the cleansing performance index is up to 86.5. The cheapest is from Japan’s non-print Muji, and the retail price is about $ 0.62, which is approximately $ 0.62, and the makeup performance index reaches 84.9.


The Consumer Council pointed out that the test results show that the overall performance of 19 water oil mixed cleansing water is better than the overall performance of the makeup, and the cleansing performance index of Vichi CLiniQue is 85, 85.5 and 85.8, respectively, and 5 Sample Unloading Efficiency Index can reach 80, except MUJI, including Mei Bao Lotus, New York Maybelline New York, Skin La Roche-Posay, Barbie Bobbi Brown, Bi Soft Bio, Cleansing Performance is quite good.

Safety: 40 samples do not include MIT or CMIT preservatives

Test reference to the Mainland “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification” and the EU “Cosmetics Regulations”, carrying two types of preservative tests, including “methylisothiazolinone (MIT) / meth chloride (cmit)



. The Consumer Council said that all samples did not detect MIT or CMIT, and the test results were satisfactory.

The test results show that only 2 samples include Bioft Bioelé and Chanel Chanel Beauty, 0.10% and 0.14%, respectively,.

However, its concentration does not exceed the limited requirements of the Mainland and the EU, the holistic security is satisfactory, can be safe to use

. All samples did not detect Ethylpaaben and Propylparaben.

Waterborne, oily, water oil mixed competition: water-based cleansing water efficiency ultra-low score

19 water oil mixed cleansing water, 9 get 5 stars

The results showed that in three types of cleansing water products, the overall cleansing effect of water oil mixed cleansing water is better.

The average cleansing effect index of 19 samples was 77.9, and 9 were 5 stars, including


Helena Rubinstein,


CLINIQUE, Vichy Vichy Laboatoires, Muji, Barbie Bobbi Brown, Memory Maybelline New York, Skinny La Roche-Posay, Lancome Lancôme Paris, Shisen SHISEIDO.

The remaining 10 have a 4 star, but their price is more than 3 times, while some of the prices have shown a general, the Consumer Council said that the price and quality of such products are not directly related. .

10 oil-made cleansing water, only 1 5 stars

10 oil-based unloading makeup performances are uneven, and the average cleansing effect index is 53, with only one 5-star total comment.


Two samples

Including Iso Aesop and

Sabon is relatively inferior, and the makeup performance index is 24.3 and 12.8, respectively.

11 water-based cleansing water, not ideal


11 water-based cleansing water samples, most of the performance is not ideal, and the average cleansing effect index is 10.1.

8 samples of the cleansing effect index are all lower than 5. The minimum division is the refreshing removal of French Dabry Embryolisse Laboratoi, the cleansing effect index is only 0.8; the shell Bareminerals mineral remover and the anti-sensitive makeup remover of the silk, the cleansing performance index is only 1.

The selection of the makeup makeup can be used according to the skin, the makeup is thin, and it can be used in water, emulsion or oily.

Skin specialist refers to the problem of skin problems, such as eczema, rose acne or skin allergy, etc., pay special attention to the ingredients of the product to avoid selecting some of the products containing sensitive preservatives.