Small apartment renovation, there are very few designers who can think of space, you can choose to rely on the wall folding, Qinzhou decoration network Xiaobian also asked a lot of designers asking, today talked about the wall folding Table knowledge, such as the type, and use of the wall folding table? The wall folding table can be a desk or a table, Xiaobian thinks this is to see everyone’s needs.

First, let’s talk about what is the wall folding table. Qinzhou decoration network Xiaobian feels that the lamination of the wall is fixed on the table. When you need it, you can turn it out, you can stick it on the wall when you don’t need it. The same chair with folded tables in schools. I don’t understand what I will know below.

I have learned what is going on the laminated table, let’s take a look at what styles on the wall folding table.

First, wall hanging foldable table

This type of wall-mounted foldable table is relatively concise, and there is no too much load-bearing bracket, and it is relatively self-contained, it can be comfortable, the balcony, for the temporary office or temporary leisure, the disadvantage is that the load gravity is relatively poor, put a laptop There is still no problem.

Second, the box-type wall hanging table

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

Such wall-mounted tables are more suitable for handwork or jewelry cosmetic tables, can store small food or learning supplies, used to do some hand-operators, such as children who prefer to do craftsmanship, can be installed, can also be installed in children’s rooms, If the child’s room is small, it is also necessary to learn the table. The middle box wall hanging table can meet the learning supplies and save space.

Third, small apartment utility wall-mounted computer table

The latest and most popular folding table shelf computer desk design is a unique decoration. It is not forgotten. The room in the picture is white, and the solid wood folding computer table integrating white wall is inlaid on the wall. When the desktop is put down, you can save space. When you support it, you can use a learning table to learn office, the wide window of the white solid wood border is in the table, and it provides light to office learning.

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

The wall folding table is divided into the wall folding desk and the wall folding table. It is said that the wall folding can save space, what is the advantage of the detailed relying on the wall folding desk and the wall folding table? Qinzhou decoration network Xiaobian does not only just expand space?

Advantages of the wall folding desk:

First, save space

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

The biggest advantage of the wall folding desk is that it can be reasonably utilized, and it is also possible to save space. This is a desk inlaid on the wall. It is foldable when it is not used, when we need to use it When you can learn it, you can learn above, you have to say that this design is really creative, and it really can bring a lot of convenience to the home environment, especially some small aparts, because of the shortcomings of space. So this kind of furniture will greatly enhance the value of space.

Second, the decorative effect

Rely on the wall folding desk, in addition to saving us a lot of space, it is also possible to decorate the effect of decoration, because this folding desk sold in the market has many different styles, although some are a simple style, but most families In the business, there will be a more creative design. For example, before the use, the wall-shaped folding desk is a beautifully painted painting, which looks far away, this painting does not have any abnormalities. However, this hanging painting will play a huge use when using it, and this desk is inlaid on the wall, so it also brings a lot of decorativeness to the wall.

Third, wild practical

This kind of furniture can be used, it is a good helper in the bedroom, you can put it in the bedside position, place our usual like to watch, or put the electronic products such as the computer, and this is also one If the kitchen is a good partner, if the kitchen area is relatively small, you can use it as a dining table. The desk is more like a good partner in the living room. You can place some ornaments from this, or when you are free. It is also possible to drink tea above.

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

Rolling desk renderings

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

Dining table advantages:

First, the wall folding table decoration is good

Put a white folding table in the kitchen, it is also very practical, and it is not picky for the kitchen space. The cabinet and furniture in the kitchenette are suitable. White will make space look bigger, so don’t forget to add some green, such as green Roman curtains, green plants, add some colors and angry. Folding small table flexibility is high. You can put your desktop or put it down as needed, which is a very practical furniture selection for small space. The small table also has a storage function.

Second, the wall folding table is easy to use

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

The folding table of single-person dining can also be used by computer tables, with multiple practical functions. The X-shaped bracket provides stable structural support, pure wood-colored woody, and intimate nature. The reason why this table can be folded, and the principle of folding is the same as the principle of Maza. Ancient Mazza is used for hunting, which is convenient to carry. Such a folding table is another amplification and deformed of Maza, as long as the X frames along the axis, it can lean on the wall, will not take much too much space.

Third, the wall folding table is folded

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

The folding table has two folded functions, which is absolutely suitable for small apartment decoration. Collapse both sides is a narrow display cabinet, which can put some small artworks such as green planting, ornaments, but open the left and right panels, you can change a wider table. Such a folding table is also very helpful for using a narrow space.

Fourth, the wall folding table has high extension

Small apartment is basically difficult to achieve independence of the kitchen and restaurant, so it is necessary to make a reasonable planning in a space in a space. If you can only accommodate a person’s dining table? If you have a couple or temporarily, you can get troubled. You don’t have to be afraid, you can use a folding table to fold, such a table is a person’s table, but Open the panel on the left side of the table, you can effectively extend the desktop.

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

After reading the styles of the wall folding table and the advantages of the wall folding desk and the wall folding table, the lower-order Qinzhou decoration owner is not very moving, Xiaobian is recommended for everyone to rely on the wall folding table. Enjoy it together.

装修空间不够用 不妨试试靠墙折叠书桌和餐桌

Wall folding table renderings

The above is the content of the wall folding table, the advantages of the wall folding table, the advantages of the relying on the wall folding table, the advantages of the relying on the wall folding table, the renderings, small apartment decoration owners do not press 捺Live.