When we are still entangled in Dr. Kang and Nongfu Spring, people who don’t want to “mediocre” drink ultra-high-end drinking water. From the past cool white, large bowl tea to the current volcano, glacier mineral water, people’s requirements for water quality continue to upgrade.

Look at the Nongfu Spring can’t sit down and walk from the high-end route:

Nongfu Spring Glass Bottle High-end Mineral Water


Farmers selling parquets, the farmers, the mountains, began to take high-end routes, and launched ultra-high-end new products outside of existing low-end products:

Carved glass bottles, 750 ml mineral water price of 35-45 yuan;

Baby mineral water, so cute ~


Student mineral water, fresh oh ~


The chairman said: This new water is from Changbai Mountain, the Mo Caque is a low soda, the sodium is less than 20 mg / liter.

What is the high-end water? What is high end?

The most “natural” Fiji Water

Pacific Fiji Fiji Water

The most “natural” Fiji mineral water comes from the Diamond Diamonds in the Pacific Ocean – Humblebech: Fiji Island.


The location of the water is located in Vigi Valley, covered by local volcanic rock layers, natural rain filtered through volcanic rock. 100% of the minerals and electrolytes come from itself, completely without artificial addition.

Spring water is sold in the top restaurants and hotels in the world. The price of China is also 25 yuan in China, and the price in a class of luxury water is relatively affordable.

“Rolls Royce” in the water

American Buling Mine Water Blingh2o


BlingH2O is an airless natural mineral water, which is produced from Tennessee, USA, which seems to be strange, but the “Rolls Royce” in the water, the glass bottle surface with 64 Swarovique crystal inlaid brands Sign. Hey!

Initially, this water is only sold to the famous athletes and actors who pick themselves, and they are also unveiled at the MTV Music TV and the “Amy” awards ceremony. Later, I also fly into the usual people’s home – as long as you are willing to pay for $ 36.75 per bottle (750 ml), China’s sales prices reach 900-1000 yuan / branch. The “Rolls Royce” in the water is not wrong!


The most expensive aristocratic royal family


In 1650, the French King Louis 14 during the period, regularly found the guard to Capton’s Central South of France, and then sent to the Versailles Palace for royal family, becoming the first bottle protected by the French government.


The Chateldon district has more than 80 cars, so the minerals of the formation are particularly rich, so that the minerals such as calcium and magnesium containing groundwater are high than the general natural mineral water. The bubble is small, eased, brought slightly acidic for water.

The French local government stipulates that the number of mining chatldon mineral water must not exceed one million liters, and the price is more expensive. The price is naturally higher.

Japanese Kobe Natural Mineral Water


Fillico low hardness natural mineral water

The above-mentioned happiness leopard is the limited edition mineral water launched by Fillico and Matermind.

Fillico mineral water is a low hardness natural mineral water from the Japanese Kobe area. The frost decoration pattern of the bottle is perfectly combined by Swarovski crystal and precious metal coating. It is worth all of them! In addition to the bottle attracting eye, the bottle cover is also great! The bottle cover is divided into two styles of angel wings and crown, and combined with the bottle is very handsome.

Do you know how much they sell? The golden silver has a retail price of $ 100 per bottle, and 5,000 bottles per month. This is this, don’t say that you can drink, even if you do it, do you need courage?

Water from the Ice Age


Yajuqi Aquadeco Water

It comes from the aquifer formed by the last glacial era of 10,000 years. After the ice flow, he left an ice-containing gravel. Holding such a bottle of mineral water, you will have a lot of award, too handsome!

So many, I really feel a bit thirsty. If there is a pure and non-polluted high-end cool breeze, drink a cool soda, it is good: