Where did the time go, where the plane went, where my father went, these once-hot moment or are a popular topic this time is probably encountered “rival” the. I believe this equipment today to introduce Once available, the currently most popular must be “where the husband / male ticket to” the.

Just a few days ago a coin-sized, rechargeable repeated use, GPS Mini Tracker TrackerPad landing crowdfunding website. Currently the Super Early Bird price of this device is 30 pounds (about 290 yuan), and is expected to officially begin shipping in December this year.

TrackerPad: ultra-small size on the insole


This TrackerPad called super-mini, only coin size, diameter 10mm, thickness 3.8mm, weight only 1.6 grams. So super mini size, on the male votes insole will not be noticed. Not to mention your wallet, attached to the bag, pet collar or a child’s schoolbag.


More intimate is that this TrackerPad whole body and equipment without any interface, and is waterproof, so that the device need not worry about damp malfunction. In addition it is also equipped with a surface adhesive may stick to any surface and can be used repeatedly.

TrackerPad using built-in battery, the wireless charging. Mention such devices, battery life is absolutely not fail to mention. A special feature is that this TrackerPad life time is 7 days by default, but can be user-set. Briefly, TrackerPad life time which depends on the time interval of the communication server. Since TrackerPad not real-time communication with the server, so users can make changes by supporting the application. If desired, a choice of 5 minutes every communication connection with the server. Naturally, this life time communication frequency of once every 20 minutes communication is much shorter than that.


TrackerPad: the use of ultra convenient

The use of TrackerPad equipment is also very simple and requires only a simple setup to get started. Internal TrackerPad of pre-installed SIM card, you can communicate with the official server connection. And when the user installs the application in the mobile terminal, it starts communicating connection TrackerPad. Then need to scan the application for mobile terminal TrackerPad two-dimensional code behind, and are marked in the application, select the appropriate type of tracking items, the location tracking can be performed by GPS.

In addition, users can choose different ways depending on their own track to track items. For example, say you want their own dog ran out of the garden, you can set a range, once the track objects out of range alarm will sound.

TrackerPad: Status

The project’s research and development team has to be landing crowdfunding website Kickstarter to raise funds, hoping to raise £ 100,000 to the cost of production to the next step, at this stage has been completed 35% of the target.

Device Information


Manufacturer: TrackerPad | Development Progress: prototype


Size: diameter 10mm, thickness 3.8mm


Buy: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding


Geeker said

If you can not stand the important thing is not in their own sight, or that they want to know where the men went to vote in the end (uh, of course, the interaction between people to build on the basis of mutual trust oh), may wish to choose this TrackerPad Try it.

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