1064nm laser safety glasses

Jan 01,2022

Discover 1064nm laser safety glasses at Tradechina.com useful for the various industrial mechanical tasks. 1064nm laser safety glasses are transparent and act as a shield against splash, fire spark, and dust. 1064nm laser safety glasses are scratch-resistant and last for a longer duration. They are useful for kids and adults as well.

1064nm laser safety glasses at Tradechina.com in industrial-grade can be used for welding and carpentry for protection against sparks and flying dust particles. They are useful for medical professionals, safeguarding them from microbial and viral infections. Veterinary dentists also need safety eye gear in medical-grade while treating animals. The material of the 1064nm laser safety glasses frames are plastic and silicone, making them lightweight. At the same time, the lenses are Polycarbonate coated, for providing UV protection. The products also have flip covers, for versatile uses. 1064nm laser safety glasses are thoroughly tested to check compliance with quality standards like drop ball test, prismatic test, water boiling test, etc. 

1064nm laser safety glasses with adjustable unisex frame fit well to the wearer, ensuring comfortable wearing all day long. They also have vents, preventing the build-up of fog. 1064nm laser safety glasses are tailored to endure high impact shocks, making them well-suited for unexpected incidents. They transmit adequate light for good vision. Products also have side shields, providing all-round coverage. 1064nm laser safety glasses are available as disposable and reusable varieties. These items are spacious enough to accommodate your prescription glasses not to hamper your vision.

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