GOPRO issued a new camera Hero9 Black on September 16. It is reported that Hero9 Black achieves “comprehensive upgrade”, including new sensors support 5K video, 20 million pixel photos, new generation Hypersmooth super anti-shake 3.0 video stable function and camera built-in wire correction function, new front display, larger size Rear display, battery life is 30%, more Max lens optional components, help Hero9 Black to achieve max Hypersmooth super anti-shake stability and max superview super wide angle photos and videos.

Hero9 Black manufacturer suggested retail price of RMB 3498.00.

Gopro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman said: “Hero9 Black fully conveys our commitment to customer needs, including the cost-effectiveness.”

GOPRO is also abandoned in Hero9 Black, using high-quality travel packaging, can meet additional fixed seats and accessories to improve product value.

Woodman said: “Minume use of plastic use is one of our priorities we have focused in business. We are very happy to use high-quality travel packaging in Hero9 Black instead of traditional packaging, reducing waste, we will work hard before 2021 Put this practice into other camera products. “

Hero9 Black Product Features:

New image sensor

Video: 5k30, 4k60, 2.7k120, 1440p120, 1080p240, etc.

Picture: 20MP

New 1.4-inch front color display, real-time preview function and status mode

The size of the 2.27-inch back touch screen, support touch scaling

Compared with Hero8 Black, battery life is increased by 30%, and performance improves in low temperature environments.

Removable rechargeable battery

HyperSmooth Super Damage 3.0 Matching Camera Camera Corruption Function

GoPro 新款摄像机 HERO9 Black 实现全面升级

TimeWarp Mobile delay 3.0 supports real and half-speed mode

1080p video live

1080p Network Camera Mode

Jinku Tools: Video Pre-Record, Liveburst Live Photo, Timed Shooting, Limited Shooting

SuperPhoto Smart Photo + HDR Night Delay Video

RAW photo

Digital lens

Voice Control – 14 commands that can identify 11 languages ​​+ 6 tones

3 microphones with high-grade frozyme

Stereo + RAW audio

Larger speaker, more audio playback effect is better

Removable lens cover

Built-in folding mounting joint

GoPro 新款摄像机 HERO9 Black 实现全面升级

Sturdy and durable + 10 meters waterproof

Compatible with MAX lens optional components suitable for Hero9 Black, lighting options, display options and media options components

Heavy Taste Suitable for the new MAX lens optional components of Hero9 Black

The new MAX lens optional component (RMB 798) brings excellent Max Hypersmooth to Hero9 Black, super-anti-shake video stability and low distortion, ultra-wide Max SuperView super wide angle view, with a resolution of 2.7k60 frames. The MAX lens optional components also support horizontal locking, even if the camera rotates 360 degrees. Helping social media producers, movies and TV professionals, and weekend adventurers, etc., are amazing and creative.

Compatible with Hero9 Black’s optional components include media options for Hero9 Black (RMB 668.00, now equipped with detachable foam wind cover), display optional components (RMB 788.00) and light options (RMB 388.00 .

The MAX lens optional components will be available in October 2020. Media option components suitable for Hero9 Black and display options will be available on September 16. The light options can be purchased at the designated retailer.

Hero9 Black Million Dollar Challenge

GOPRO has challenged users three consecutive years, inviting them to use the new flagship camera to create highlight video. Million Dollar Challenge is open to Hero9 Black users. Participants can participate in the $ 1,000,000 bonuses in the Hero9 Black Million Dollar Challenge video that will be selected in December 2020 to participate.

Starting from the day of publication, Welcome Hero9 Black users to shoot and submit video short films, participate in Hero9 Black on The video is submitted on Friday, December 4th.

GoPro 新款摄像机 HERO9 Black 实现全面升级

Global offer

Hero9 Black starts globally on the day of the world, and can be purchased in the designated retailers around the world. The manufacturer of this cameras suggests that the retail price is 3498.00 yuan.

GOPRO MAX manufacturer suggested retail price of RMB 3998.00; Hero8 Black manufacturer recommended retail price of RMB 2598.00; Hero7 Black manufacturer suggested retail price of RMB 1798.00, Hero9 Black’s addition to make the entire 2020 GOPRO series more perfect.