Regardless of any era, there is no more classic item than the solid color T.

It doesn’t pick up your body, it is a brief and multi-line!


Although the T-shirt is tall, if the fabric is too thin, the version is not good, it is easy to wear.

This T-shirt bought by the company male colleague, washed twice, it became loose, completely.

Adhering to the idea of ​​version, quality, and comfortable three, today, I will carefully choose this.



[Mo change men and women with 13 color solid color T-shirt]


It is fully compliant


High quality, high-cost price, than basic T-shirt




On the fabric, different from other inexpensive synthetic fibers.

Do not hesitate to use


200 grams of escape Xinjiang cotton

I touched the outside, I’m very delicate and smooth ~

200 grams of weight pound cotton fabric

, Distinguish between a single and cheap sense in a normal T-shirt.

The sense of bride, the feel is solid,

Wear resistant to wear, not easy to deform, up the ball.


Including costs, insist on using

Combing craft

, Let the fabric’s texture is more on the stairs.

not only

Flat and smooth

And excellent

Breathable, hygroscopic

, Put on the whole person, light and relax ~

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Let’s take a look at the details: The trace is very working, there is no extra wire.

Cuffs, collar

Tailoring locks are very meticulous


While ensuring softness and fitness, it is also possible to keep the fabric.

Widening elastic threaded neckline design, is not easy to deform.


Violence pulled 100 times in a row, and then returned to its original position.

The neckline is flat.

The solid color T-shirt is not good, there is a key, that is, the color is high.

This T-shirt is adopted


Active printing and dyeing process

Color is more beautiful, and there is no problem with dying, dyed.

Good quality is never casually, everyone cares about the test report, there is a good quality in accordance with it!


13 colors

, Basically meet all the matchs of spring and summer, fresh and aged!


The key is that the cost is quite high.

3 pieces as long as 99 yuan, only more than 30 pieces,

It is recommended that everyone will enter a few pieces. Different colors are exchanged, wearing a few more summer complete pressure!


Original price: 199 yuan / piece

Fans Exclusive price: 99 yuan / 3 pieces


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High quality Xinjiang cotton is more comfortable than cotton

The solid color T-shirt may be as stunned first, but they are

Comfortable, wear!


Put on your body, skin with fabric

The soft skin of Feel ~

It is simply a big-name enjoyment!

The difference is that it’s fabric, used

Cotton “noble” – Xinjiang cotton!

Xinjiang’s cotton, there is a unique natural condition, alkaline soil, sufficient sun, can fully carry out photosynthesis, and grow up.

Xinjiang cotton fiber length is 2-3 times that of ordinary cotton.

Softness, gloss, skin skin, breathability, elasticity is far super ordinary cotton.

Use it as a raw material to weave clothes,

Not only very soft, more resistant.

High quality combed cotton, more comfortable than cotton


First give you a science of science – As the name suggests: exquisite cotton.

The impurities and shorter fibers are removed by combers, leaving a longer fiber with better toughness.

The clothes made of cotton cannot be said to be very poor, but it is indeed possible to shrink and deform.

The combed cotton has a delicate fiber, and the woven fabric is more smooth,


It is not easy to rise, and it will not shrink the water.


The super silky skin is playing in hand, just like grabbing a soft cloud in the hands.

The closeness of the closeness is particularly breathable, comfortable, there is a feeling that the skin is lightly cared carefully ~

The combed cotton fabric is not only smooth and smooth, but also a good


Breathable hygroscopicity.

It can be quickly penetrated on a very weak aromatherapy machine.

Although breathable, it will not light

T-shirt is thicker or thin.


This T-shirt is very thin, it will not bump or print the traces of underwear, and it will not be too thick, and the summer is just in the summer.

In order to make the fabric presented high-level texture, the brand specifically adopted a process of tightly tinning.

The fabricated cloth structure is tight, and there will be a stable triangular structure, and the role of linking, support.



More tolerable, wearing, not easy

If you don’t wear a few times, you will be a pajamas.

Needle not loose detail 100 points

The more simple T-shirts, the more you have a fabric, version, you can look at the texture is particularly good.

Some T-shirts have been washed a few times, and the clothes becomes loose, and it is very worried. It doesn’t worry at the coming year ~

This short-sleeved is more intimate, and the neckline is a widened elastic thread design.

Threaded necklace

Elasticity, Dragon

If you don’t have to worry about washing a few times, it will become loose ~

And the cuffs, neckline cutting locks are very meticulous, and multiple water washing will not be deformed.


To ensure softness and fitness, it is also possible to keep the fabric.

The overall version is slightly loose, no matter what the body is wearing it, you can wear high-level feelings!

The length of the dress is very clever, just above the hips, naturally modified our figure.


Whether it is done, still put into the pants, the skirt is very good ~


The sleeve length is just the worship of the arm, which is Zui is slim, the length of the ZUI spirit.

The men and women have the same paragraph, the size is complete, no matter what the body can find the one suitable for you.


Not only can wear themselves, bought to send parents, elders, when couples are good choices!

The texture, fashionable, such a T-shirt, can get a few pieces in the wardrobe.

And now start now

3 pieces as long as 99 yuan


It is too cost-effective!

Any order problem

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13 colors

Original price: 199 yuan / piece


Original price: 199 yuan / piece


Fans Exclusive price: 99 yuan / 3 pieces

Fans Exclusive price: 99 yuan / 3 pieces

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