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In the case of the epidemic, how do the LTVP have long-term visits to enter the Singapore from China? Recently, the netizen “Ala La Ala” app for the “Singapore Eye” app is shared with detailed Raiders for your reference. The following is the full text of netizens:

I believe that everyone has brushed a lot of returns to China, but rarely regarding the LTVP for a long time to visit the post of Singapore, so I will share the experience of the long-term visit license (Long Term Visit Pass) entry Singapore experience.

I am in September 10, from Hangzhou to Singapore flights, the ticket is best to buy a few months until two months ago. I have applied for a long time to visit for a long time. If it is still Didn’t get the card, but the friends who have already applied, then you need to bring the approve letter (IPA letter)

From China Fly Singapore does not need to take out nucleic acid, but they will check your health at the airport. When the customs apply for a health declaration code, they must screen videos!

The first is to prepare before entering Singapore:

1. IPA letter / long-term visitor

2. Aviation license

(Safe Travel Pass)

3. SG Arrival Card

(Apply three days ago for the plane)

4. Appointment and paying Singapore Airport nucleic acid detection

(This is necessary to pay in advance, 160 new coins, support Alipay and Singapore’s local bank card, now airport

I have not accepted the on-site cash payment



(This requires a new local mobile phone number. If you haven’t uninstalled before, you can use it directly to open Bluetooth and you can use it without re-text.

* IPA Letter, Aviation Permit and SG Arrival Card are best printed, there will be flight attendants when airports.

Secondly, it is arrived in Singapore:

When I just arrived in Singapore, I have been with a place where I will sell Singapore’s mobile phone card, so everyone can queue in queues.

Passing the customs

2. Take your baggage


3. Present payment QR code to make a nucleic acid

4. Go back to the hotel, go home, etc.

Some common questions:

How does LTVP apply for a aviation license?

Select Familial Ties Lane to determine the date of application, and fill in the requirements in accordance with the requirements in it. Generally, the aviation license can be received within 3 working days. (Remember to print out)

How does SG Arrival Card apply?

Pay attention to the application of SG ARIVAL CARD E-Service in ICA official website only before it takes off. For example, I am a plane on the 10th. I can apply for the No. 8, and this application is also coming soon. (Remember to print)


Is new crown insurance that must be purchased?

Singapore citizens, PR, student cards and LTVP are only strongly recommended to buy, so I didn’t buy a small sister who had a student ID, but I was not very clear, but IPA and other certificates I didn’t know very well. Maybe still need to confirm

How long is the nucleic acid?

The customs told me that I have out of the two days, but I actually received the email after five hours.

Have a vaccine in China, how to certified in Singapore?

You can go online to see which clinics support vaccine certification, I am calling for a nucleic acid in front of the country, they can, I will make an appointment, just bring the Chinese vaccine certificate, take a blood, about two work Daily TRACE TOGETHER will present a vaccination. (This is more convenient, many places have not certified vaccine can’t eat food), I spent 75 new coins, but there may be slight deviations in different clinics.

Can my family can pick up?

Yes, but only one person can pick up the plane, you can’t use public transport, or choose GRAB home or go to the hotel to isolate nucleic acid results.

In fact, in general, back to Singapore is much simpler than going back to China. I am also a plane full of planes, but wear protective clothing is particularly small. Although it is relatively simple to return to the Singapore process, there are many The cumbersome procedures, but must be prepared for protection, I wish you all the best.

(图文 From Singapore Eye App Netizen Alla La Ala)