Windows, in our home, is actually a part that is poor in thermal insulation performance. The periphery like our housing is specially handled, and most of the outer walls outside the northern area have insulation measures. However, even if this is the location of the window, it is glass, which will inevitably fall. So we should take some measures to solve the insulation problem of the window. If everyone feels that the window is not good, the individual recommends the following three processing suggestions. You can try it, the effect is good.

Measures (1): Inside and outside the window inside the window

The inside and outside the window is treated, the method is to use the insulation material in the inside of the window to use the insulation material to improve the insulation performance. In fact, it is to reduce the heat transfer coefficient of the insulation material to reduce the passage of cold or heat. Like new commercial housing in the northern region, it is basically in the window. However, when we are renovated, it may destroy the insulation layer, or it is not good to keep it, then personal suggests that you can take insulation of the window in the inside of the window and the outside of the window.

1, apply a polybenophenyl granule insulation mortar.

This is also a more common construction method for a window side insulation. The material used is to stir the polybenzene particles and the mortar is stirred, and finally stirred into thermal granules. The construction method is to use the wetting on the outside of the window and the inside of the window. For example, after our home window frame is installed, it can be applied to the polybenzene particles. The thickness of the smeared, it is recommended that everyone remains above 10 cm so that the window surrounded by the window. This reduces the heat of the area or the transfer of coldness, and improves the insulation.


2, paste the insulation board.


If the size of our window is to meet the installation of attachment insulation board, then the adhesive insulation board is also a very good way. The selected material is currently a commonly used graphite polybenzene sheet. The installation method is to use a dedicated bonding mortar, apply on the graphite polybrene sheet, we take the graphite polybenades to cut the bonding mortar, and paste the inner and outer side of the window. Then use the electric diamond punch on the insulation board, and the insulation board is installed. Finally, there is an alkali fiber mesh cloth, and then apply a plasma, and finally go to the putty, so that the insulation effect is also good.


Measures (2): Treatment between the window frame and the hole


The installation of the home window, everyone will find that it is connected to the original hole of the window. If the hole is reserved with a sub-frame, it is connected to the sub-frame; if the hole does not reserve the sub-frame, connect directly to the hole. At this time, there must be a certain gap. This gap is not only possible to leak water, but also a very big chance is that the income effect is not good, and finally the hot and cold bridge. To this end, between the window frame and the wall, everyone should process it in accordance with the following method.


1, the gap should be uniform.


Uniform gap, requiring us to find the entire hole in the size of the window, look forward to the size of the window, look forward to the size of the window. The final requirement is between the main frame and the hole, and there is a gap of about 5mm per side. And the gaps of the respective sides of the upper, left and right, should be kept uniform as possible. During this process, the dedicated bolts are used to connect between the walls. This will fix our box, if you have a wooden plug, you have to take it out.

2, sealing of gaps.


Gap blocking is very critical, here is a key to the later period of possible leakage and the insulation effect. Therefore, individuals recommend using foaming gums. All gaps must be uniformly filled with foaming gums, and the bubble gel should slightly rave the main frame of the window. If the conditions are allowed, then after the foaming gum is finished, the excess foaming gum is pressed back in time. This avoids the damage of the foam. The foamed gum is in a solidification, and a dedicated seal is used to seal this gap. The outer side can use a weather resistant sealed adhesive, and ordinary sealed adhesive can be used. In this way, the sealing gel is sealed once, and it can effectively solve leakage and improve the insulation effect.

Measures (3): Solved from windows

The window does not heat, a large part of the reason is the reason for the window itself. For example, the thermal insulation performance of the window of the conventional single-layer glass is really poor. So if we find that the windows in our family do not heat, we must consider whether the problem of windows. For example, we put your hand on the window, if you can clearly understand that there is cold air, then the window does not heat the window. For the insulation of the window, the individual recommends the following processing measures.

1, replace the window, increase the insulation performance of the window.

The so-called replacement windows is to replace the original windows into a multi-layer glass window. For example, our home is originally installed by a single-layer glass breakdown aluminum window, then personal suggests that everyone is replaced into three glasses. For example, a three-layer glass having 6mm + 9 + 6mm + 9 + 6mm is commonly used is very nice. Of course, if you are allowed by the budget, you can use the system door and window. Here personal suggests everyone to choose the type of 65 series, do not choose 55 series.

2, use double-layer windows to increase the insulation effect.

The so-called double-layer windows is that our original windows are still retained, but add another window. At this time, it is required for the installation, such as the outer window generally eliminates the window for installation, and the inner window is generally installed inner windows. This ensures that our window hole can be installed on two windows. This window is still more common in the north, just due to the improvement of windows performance, it is replaced. So if the window in our home meets the installation of two windows, don’t need to replace the original windows, we only need to add a window. Of course, the condition is to be satisfied with the opening of our two windows. This approach can also effectively change the phenomenon of windows without insulation.




The window of the home is not hot, in fact, is a common phenomenon. So many families generally consider replacing the original windows when renovating. We must want to do a good job in the windows. In this article, there are three ways to give you home. So when we renovated our home, you can start from the heat preservation of the window, the slit between the windows and the hole, and the three aspects of the window itself will be processed. This can achieve a good waterproof, and can improve the performance of the window. So before the decoration, we must carefully confirm our window hole and the size of the hole, and finally make the appropriate treatment method.

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