The insulation pot on the market is the most common liner material is stainless steel and glass. When many people buy which kind. Let’s talk about the difference between the two, teach you how to choose.

Stainless steel liner


304 stainless steel is the mainstream production material of the thermal insulation utensil.

Sturdy impact, not easy to damage

. However, stainless steel insulation pots can not fit the acidic beverages such as orange juice, cola, tea, otherwise it may damage the inner wall of the stainless steel, and it is easy to have odor.

If there is a child or pet, choose the stainless steel pot to choose a better.

Glass liner


Relatively, the glass insulation pot structure is relatively stable.

Acid-resistant, corrosion resistance

It is not easy to leave an odor. It is easier to clean than stainless steel, but it is not too resistant to fall, and it is not easy to carry.

Some people will say that glass is bold, and it is bombing. If you use borosilicate glass, don’t worry, because


Borosilicate glass has excellent high temperature resistance and anti-cracking

Almost no cracks from high temperature or slight collision.

Finally, give everyone:

Farm resistance → stainless steel liner

Portability → stainless steel liner

Insulation properties → Glass liner


Paving liquid → glass liner

Price comparison → glass liner