The three new iPhones have been present in front of everyone, and interested friends are waiting for the first sales on September 20.

iPhone 11 Pro换用纯黑色包装盒:老用户回忆满满

Some netizens found that the iPhone 11 series of packaging boxes appeared in the App Store, where iPhone 11 Pro / Max is black, the iPhone 11 is still white.Statistics with posts,

The dark night green, silver and deep-air gray colorful iPhone 11 Pro seemed to be black packaging, and gold is not seen yet.

iPhone 11 Pro换用纯黑色包装盒:老用户回忆满满


Apple has recently used black packaging to be traced back to the iPhone 8/8 Plus, but it should be deeply empty, and then the iPhone 5 is.

For old fruit powder, Apple’s change will make everyone feel very emotional.

It is reported that this year’s iPhone 11 Pro started 8699 yuan, Pro MAX is 9599 yuan, due to the addition of new color, the huge change of the back profile, the performance of the performance and the talenting of the photo, and the outside world is generally optimistic about the sales prospects of the iPhone 11 series.