In this 120 square meters of house renovation, the overall spatial tone is arranged in a modern style, and it has a quiet and elegant dark furniture, which brings a quiet and elegant comfort, while a large number of practical storage cabinets are added, and space is also available. The sufficient storage position guarantees the overall practical and artistic design of space, so that life space is more comfortable.


Layout plan

living room


▲ The living room is in the style of the living room, under the design of modern wind, bright and generous space atmosphere, simple and elegant atmosphere.

▲ The living room of the modern nocture, the wooden floor is paved on a gray carpet, matches the black leather sofa, the sofa, a fishing rod, combined with custom TV cabinets, the flowers decoration on the coffee table, seek fresh and nature Temperament.


▲ The sofa wall is found on the gray background wall, and there is a decorative painting of the alpine screen. There is also a aisle next to it. The other side of the Doumen Cave is hanging a round clock, under the black sofa, overall space It seems that modern territory and stabilize high-grade.


▲ The TV wall is designed in a wall-type custom cabinet, putting a wooden hanging TV cabinet, open the combination of the tether and the chain cabinet, the middle remaining in the dark as a background, the wall is hung on the TV, which seems practical and stable and high-grade. . On the right gray wall hang a large-sized calligraphy, a casual sofa chair is placed next to it, and it has provided an elegant home experience for the owner.

▲ Call the calligraphy into a word painting, frame on the black picture frame, large size decoration, is also simple and elegant.




▲ The restaurant and the kitchen installed a large-sized glass push door, the kitchen after the glass door is almost open, bringing a flexible kitchen space experience.

▲ On the countertop of the solid wood, there is a textured wooden, the table is in marble, and it is also more gorgeous and exquisite.

▲ The custom display stand next to the decoration is also more powerful.


▲ Install a wall-oriented custom cabinet on the side of the porch, put the cement gray cabinet door, let the mirror space look simple and elegant and advanced, add the blank slippers to place the showcase of the vase ornament, also looks practical and elegant Part.




▲ The balcony ground is designed with a brick, and the sidewasket cabinet, the stacked washing machine and the dryer are embedded in a customized cabinet, and the entire space is simple and practical.


▲ Casual balcony decorate antique gray floor tiles, add Changhong glass to partition, and it is also more advanced.



▲ The bedside wall of the bedroom is sticker, furnished with gray fabric, with gray sheets and curtains, the bed is also a leisure chair with an orange leather art, and the whole space is particularly simple. Pack the desk along the curved window, bring a bright and comfortable work writing space.

▲ The design of the cabinet has also joined the design of the cabinet, the overall combination of storage and the storage, bringing more flexible storage design, placing the clock and creative vase, and makes life more interesting.


▲ The second bedroom is lacquered as the bedside wall, laying black bed, light gray sheets, and custom wooden sliding door wardrobe on the side, bringing a simple and practical bedroom space atmosphere.


Master bedroom

▲ The master bedroom space keeps gray minimalist space, from the wall to the sheets, curtains, all of the large-area gray design. Bed tail layout cabinet + desk combination also brings a practical and convenient work overtime small corner


▲ On the side of the wardrobe next to the bed, a small seat of a “card holder” structure is added, and the fabric cushion, a small chandelier, creates a warm and comfortable small area reading casual.

▲ Desk + Cabinet Combination Design, the desk is placed with decorative paintings and small vases, and it is also a natural calibration.


▲ The owner of the owner with a gray wall, the bathroom cabinet is placed on the top of the bath, and the flowers, hand washing liquid, bathroom mirror are also designed with backlight. The feeling of the whole space is modern and low-key.

▲ The sequential handbank is external in the aisle position, through the combination of wood-colored storage cabinets, combined with gray houses, the feeling of the whole space is simple and quiet.

Design: Spring and Autumn Design, Photography: Xu Yisheng, Review: Design Pavilion