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Three houses still a self-heating down vest

(With 10000 mA charge charging treasure)

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Seeing the temperature has dropped to a bit number

The north also began a large-scale cold and snow fluttering

At this time, there is no matter how thick in the clothes wear.

I still feel the chilling of the bones.

The cold also has to endure the uncomfortable feelings of bloated

At this time, I can’t wait to put the electric blanket.


As long as there is a dream, I am not afraid that I can’t achieve it!

This time, I found a compassion for everyone.

Warm winter of “mobile electric blanket”!

Three houses still adjust the dessert vest

This down vest uses a white ducklings with a velvette.

Wearing in the body and warm ~

Also utilized using carbon fiber heating technology

After opening the temperature control, quickly warming, safe and peace of mind

Let your cervical vertebrae, big vertebra, front abdomen

It can feel warm!

Where do I need to give you warm!

Put on it is like a hot blanket on the body anytime, anywhere


The whole body is warm!

More five types of temperature switched

Never overheat, will not warm

There is always a generic fit!


It is also very easy to operate!


Long press the switch on the chest 3 seconds to open / shut down,

Indicates that the bright red light indicates that the fever has been turned on, the default is high, click the key to adjust the temperature.

Five-speed temperature selection:

Red light (60 ° C), green light (55 ° C), blue light (50 ° C)

White light (45 ° C), yellow light (40 ° C)

This down vest has two yards to choose from

170 / 88A (L), 180 / 96A (XXL)


Because under winter in winter, it is relatively thick.

So suggestions

Ms. can choose L code

Men choose XXL code

In addition to supporting charging treasure

Carry the vest, anywhere

In addition, it is still a multi-function warmer!


At the same time, it can also play the role of hand warmers while supplementing the down vest.

The capacity is 10000mAh!

As long as 358, the warmth of the whole winter is home!

Three house still a self-heating down scarf

(With 5000 mA charge charging treasure)



Winter wear

The neck is surrounded by this design scarf

One second to break the dull winter

While keeping warm, it is not fashionable.

Using 90 white duck velvet filled

The traverse is refined without velvet


Lightweine and very warm ~

In addition to being a stylish single product that can warm warm

Still a hidden whole body relaxation artifact

Can alleviate muscle discomfort, relax tight nerves

Office worker working for a long time

Frequently low-headed mobile phones “low”

Also relevant to the stiff old people

It is more comfortable to put it ~


The day when girl is inconvenient

You can also put it on your stomach.

Warm is like a hot water bottle

It also designs 5 dynamic thermostatic function design

Heating is free to switch, multiple scenes apply ~


Buy a down scarf also support a 5000 mAh charging treasure

Can charge scarf

Bring the door and can charge the mobile phone in the way, the power is full ~

There are two colors optional.

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