There is a friend’s private letter, ask the old T-shirt, the old T-shirt in the family is not worn, the fabric is very good, throwing a pity. Can you change to small clothes?


Today, I will share a baby’s coated tie. Change it to the old T of Dad is the most suitable.

First look at the style

Such small clothes are done with Dad’s T is not wasteful, and the length width is just right.

I am the favorite baby clothes, I am the favorite, don’t worry that the baby’s little belly will catch cold. Spring and autumn can wear, summer air-conditioned rooms, it is also good to do air shirts.


The child is growing, basically replaces new clothes every season, then this kind of conjunction should be bought, and the child is comfortable.

I can’t wear it a few times and I feel unfortunately. Then there will be this feeling of the old clothes of Dad, how is the baby comfortable, is it?

Baby lingerie, front


73 Code Scissor Share, Height 67-73cm, the baby is wearing the baby six to nine months.


The other number type can be pushed according to the length of the length of 4cm length 7cm.

Here is a cutting chart.

The red line is a back sheet, and the green line is a front piece. A total of 4 tablets before and after.

The neck is handed over. The position of 5.6cm from the hip line is the position of the posts.


Baby liquener production process and craft solution

Selection of fabrics: cotton knit is the best choice. Choose the baby fabric of the Class A

Cropped before shrinking, washing and drying


After drawing the cutting drawing according to the above cutting drawings, add the appropriate amount of sewing edges.

Tripped tabs, in the position of the position of the precedent pocket.

Start sewing, after the bag is rolled, the shape of the pocket net is buckled. Sewing by the method of buckling.

Below is the effect of pocket stickiness

Sewing front and rear shoulders —- Sleeve with the body stitching – suture sleeves


Sewing to the back gear opening position

The front film is stitched before the side of the sewing

Sewing inner stitch, collar with horizontal fabric

Cuffding, the foot is scooted by the scroll 1.8-2cm, respectively.

Is it particularly simple?

Ok, today’s share is here.

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Dad’s old T-shirt should not throw it, give the baby to climb the clothes. Baby Covered Tread Sharing