Liechtenstein is a very small country, but it is very rich. The Liechtenstein royal family is the richest royal family in Europe. We all believe that the British royal family of the family is relatively rich, but it is still more than the Liechtenstein royal family. The wedding of the royal family will always show an incomparable romantic side, whether it is the princess of the royal family, or the prince is married, as if it is a picture of a fairy tale.


On September 26th, Liechtenstein held a grand wedding at the 34-year-old princess, but after recently, her sister also held a wedding, it is a double happiness! Mary’s princess’s mother is


Luxembourg princess Margaret, father is the Royal Russen, the prince of Liechtenstein, in fact, in the European royal family, many of the royal family members!


First, the princess wedding fashion analysis

Jin Jiu Silver 10, it is a wedding season! In the weather that is not hot, the royal family also married. The 34-year-old Mary is actually a more late marriage. Her white embroidery wedding dress is really luxurious! The trailing of the visually wedding dress is five or six meters, the super long trailing, and four adults are needed.


In fact, in recent years, the wedding of the royal family has also become a lot of simplicity, many wedding dress is also a simple route. Mary’s princess’s wedding dress seems to meet many girls’ dreams, super long trailing, and romantic gauze.

The design of the big open back is also very sexy. The skirt is a simple embroidery, showing the noble sense of the royal family. The royal family is married, in fact, for the choice of crown is very important, many people will wear the royal family’s hometown crown.


Just like Meggen Harri, there is a British queen’s bin baby in the British queen, and the golden silver flower of the Kinders is also married.


Some styles of somewhat, but not very exaggerated siph, such small design highlights the princess’s shoulder line. The 34-year-old princess is still full of girls, and the groom is a wedding car on the hood, it is really sweet!


The wedding dress like a tooth white is equipped with high heels of champagne, such a coloring method is very advanced. Liechtenstein royal family, such a super rich royal family, the scene of the princes married naturally will not be too cold.

Mary’s princess wedding features: long tail; embroidery element; slightly

For MMs who want to marry at eleven, this wedding dress of Mary can give you some inspiration. In elegant, there are some small sexy, while the waist design will show the good figure of the princess. . The skirt is slightly perturbed, but it is not the very exaggerated style.

Whether it is a lace, or embroidery, it is a very common element in wedding dress. The princess is a high luxury route. The satin material is very highlighting.

Second, small flowers like small angels


In fact, for the wedding of the European royal family, the flowers of the flowers are almost the same. The garland is equipped with white costumes, seeing these cute flower children, I think of the princes in Charlotte, the princess of Kate, Charlotte, attended the wedding, because of the problem of wearing socks, still can’t make some unhappy!

The styles of the small flower children’s skirts and the bride’s wedding dress are also complementary, mint green belts, such styling and the shape of small flowers in Mergen are very similar.

In fact, the princess is also very simple, close to the embroidery patterns, not a smuggle pattern, but the high level. Mary’s princess marriage, the most rich royal family of Europe is married, and people who are married are not ordinary!

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The richest Liechtenstein royal princess wedding! Ultra-long wedding dress, romantic, bride amazing