Fishing people like to buy fish rods, I also like to bring a “set” to the fish, no matter how low price is still expensive, regardless of the size or short size, no matter how it is not used, it is used, but it is necessary to bring it. Some fishing. Friends bought the poles and even the links were slightly rope, and they went to take the sleeve.

I said that the sleek sleeve is that it is set or wrapped in the hand. This small object has a lot of names. The non-slip sleeve is just one, and there is a sweat tape, tangled, etc., anyway, everyone knows mean Phase.

A part of the anti-skating sleeve is actually reflected in its name, such as non-slip, such as sweat, and it is to increase comfort, beauty, and anti-electricity (anti-electricity, I think it is ruthless).

Don’t look at this article, the price is not high, but there are many people, then we will come to talk about the fish today, if you want to install it, how to pick it, after all, in the market There are too many types of non-slip sleeves.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

Do you want to give your beloved fish? First you need to know the role of the anti-slip sleeve, then ask yourself need not need

Some merchants will say that the anti-skating sleeve is slippery and anti-electricity when advertising, but this anti-electricity, I personally think it is, what is the electricity? The static electricity is almost, to say lightning protection, anti-high voltage, that pure crap, in front of the absolute strength, these things are only furnishings, so they are light.


This role is there, but you have to see the situation, because sometimes we don’t need to slip slip at all. For example, the short rod, generally refers to a pole of 3.9 and 3.9, this type of is short, it will not be very heavy, so we are throwing, the joy is holding the tail of the rod, and the pole is engaged in hand, The five fingers are wrapped around the handle, which will not slip.

4.5 meters of the pole is more embarrassed, if it is a squid, or high carbon, then it will not be heavy, you can still use the way of holding a short rod, will not slip.

Moreover, many poles on the market now have anti-slip treatment, some are matte processing, some are embossed patterns. Everyone can look at the picture below, this is my 3.6 pole, the whole hand is a dark pattern, and it will not slip at all.

The pole of more than 4.5 meters is mainly because of the relatively heavy, we must take the mouth on the arm in the arm, so if the rod is very smooth or sweat, it may slip smoothly. set.

If the fishing rod is particularly long or especially heavy, it is difficult to puncture the fish, and the anti-slip sleeve has lost its meaning, such as fishing the black pit, the giant of the squid, we have the joystick Hand, so there is no big difference.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

Beautiful view:

The short-slip sleeve has a variety of colors, various patterns, some look very good, the fishing friends think that it will make the fishing rod more beautiful. This is a benevolent question, I don’t make too much evaluation, but I will see that some people are entangled in the sliding sleeve not only don’t look good, but I don’t want to give the fish. For example, the color doesn’t work, I am a red He is shifting a green set.

There are two kinds of non-slip sleeves, one is to go straight, the other is the entanglement, the sleeve is better, but if you are wrapped in, it will be very ugly, even the hand is not Comfortable.

Also add some points:Some fishing rods are anti-bamboo design, the color of the pole is like a bamboo, it seems very beautiful, like the real bamboo, this kind of personally thinks it is not suitable for winding slippers, I don’t feel, destroy the beauty of the fish itself . There are not many ways to say, anyway, I like it anyway.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

The non-slip sleeve is not a hundred points, and sometimes it will damage the fish.

Many people don’t pay attention to this problem. He feels that there is a lot of roles in a set of fish, even if these effects I can’t use it, but it is not bad.

I tell you that there is really a bad place. For example, some fishing friends have more fishing rods. If each pole is installed, the cost is very high, so he may buy some cheap products.

And these cheap products, not breathable, not slipping, will not say, usually you can’t feel it, which day is rain, wet, I think few people will be so careful, put the anti-skating sleeve Dry or wait for the sunny to take it out. If you don’t do these processing, the time is long, the sleeve will drop, mold, or even rotten, then the body is blooming, and the washing can’t wash.

The pole of this picture is the best proof. I have been wrapped around the slide sleeve, and then I have been lost in the room. One time I suddenly wanted to use it. I took out the outer cassets. I was already mold. I found that the pole was particularly dirty, and I can’t get it. Everyone can enhance the picture, look at the position, you should see it.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

Not only is the low-cost anti-slip sleeve, it will be the same, it is also the same (silica gel there), the following fishing rod is the King of Fishing King, the size is 3.9 meters, spending me eight hundred.

This pole has a non-slip treatment in the section itself. It is also like rubber as a rubber, and the size is short, it is not necessary to carry a long-slip sleeve. But I am going to make one, it is installed, but it’s not cheap, spent 25 oceans.

The result is the same or even more miserable above, mainly, every time I was wet, I don’t deal with it. I have been moldy. I see the anti-skating sleeve is too ugly. I want to take it off. As a result, I found that the skin on the handle of the fish is rotten, it is really not worth it. (The pole below is)

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

There are a lot of non-slip sleeves, how should we choose

The short rod, the relatively light rod, itself has a non-slip design, this class does not need to load the slide sleeve, then for the need to be installed, or you must want to install, we have a job in choice.

First, there are many kinds of non-slip sleeves, one is a thermoplastic tube, and it will use a hair dryer to blow, fire, fire, take hot water, it will shrink. One is a silicone sleeve, which is also a sleeve on the pole, but the former is not the same as that in this non-slip cover has a root plastic strip, as long as the anti-skating sleeve is placed into the fishing rod, pull out the plastic strips in the tube. .

There is also a “winding”, that is, a circle is wrapped in a fishing rod, and the installation is slightly troubles, but this is the most common, the people used, and the PU material is mainly.

The above three theories are the best in the second silicone material, easy to install, and don’t worry about fadel mold, but I don’t like it, because I think it is too ugly. I like to use the third type of entanglement, I like keel design in the winding style, this kind of feeling is more feeling, and the comfort is better.

In a specific choice, if you ask for a relatively high, pay attention to comfort, US view, then try to buy a little, the price is between 15 ~ 30, recommending the keel entangled; if it is not there is not high, the three or five pieces of course It can also be used, just to touch the feeling, non-slip ventilation is certainly not expensive.

Note, whether it is expensive or cheap, if you wet it in use, try to dry it better, the fishing rod can take the non-slip sleeve for a long time, prevent moldy rot.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

Length and usage of anti-skating sleeve

This is mainly based on the length and thickness of the fishing rod, which is fine, some is a gourd, and the anti-slider buy the shortest possible. Common rods, squatting, hand is the kind of tap, the anti-skating sleeve can buy 1.5 meters, if the rod is fine, or the fish is short, it is not heavy, that 1.1 meters is enough. The big lever, the hand is very thick, you can buy 1.8 meters, 2 meters of anti-skating sleeve.

Installation method, I think everyone is best to find a video, one is more intuitive, the other is to look at it is also convenient.

With regard to the wrapped anti-skating sleeve, I will take a small suggestion, everyone can sit on the ground or bed, then put the pole, hold the pole, don’t let it halt, you must contact the ground to get wrapped up (Remember to install forward).

At the time of around, there is a more convenient for keel, and each lap is sticking to the keel. One hand is swung, and the other hand is wound, it must be entangled, and after the wrapped, the waterproof tape is fixed, if You feel that it is not flat or fixed, and you can buy a wrapped waterproof and black tape.

New 竿 手 手 Bring a set? Don't worry, first understand the role of

Write in the last:

Don’t think that the fish must be loaded on the sliding sleeve, you must first understand the role of this set, and then you need to do this. After loading the set, if you use it, you don’t have to pay attention to it every day, but if there are too many fish, everyone is not so high, then be careful, take a look at it, seeing the sleeve moldy. Down.

[About the author]: Xiaofei, a 90-after fishing enthusiast, I hope to use the text to record the beauty of fishing, let the experience you need help, welcome the fishman to pay attention