Now more and more young people like online glasses, because it is cheap and selective, it is more selective; though, there are several minezers that need to pay more attention, and the different field of view is given to everyone to prepare some glasses, I hope everyone can be equipped with the glasses of their own favor!

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Network Mirror Land:

1, unable to accurately optometry

There are a lot of students who have given the online merchants behind the game, which is really a good way. But do you know?

If you don’t work on the spot, you may not be able to judge whether this glasses really fit yourself. When the mirror of the general off-plane glasses shop, the merchants will generally perform all-around, and finally help you adjust the most suitable for your own eye, and never go directly to the computer.

Therefore, this is the first point that is difficult to control, and it is also one of the factors that determine your eyes comfort. (After all, a pair of glasses need at least 1-2 years.

2, there is no way to experience the frame

The choice of the frame is actually paying attention to, the photo is not necessarily suitable for you, when choosing the frame, not only to see the face, the degree peace, the best way is to be able to trial at the scene, only know the frame It is suitable for yourself.

When the field of view, the small line of the field was previously used in glasses, but I tried many times, tossing nearly an hour to choose the firing frame.

So, I suggest you if you have to go online, you must first find a physical store, go to see if the glasses frame is really suitable for you.

3, the real vacation of the lens cannot be guaranteed

Many online stores will discount the low price of 3% discount on the XXX brand, but the microscope process is not transparent, and you are hard to know if the other party is using the brand of the brand.

After all, the futures now is too much. On the Internet, it is hard to see the fakes. Non-professionals are still difficult. But long-term wear is definitely different.

4, after-sales service can not guarantee

What if I wore uncomfortable? What if the mirror fell?

Like a formal physical store can be replaced free of charge and provide long-term warranty.

But can I be on the line? Don’t say it first, you will have a lot of costs.


After all, glasses are different from other commodities, there is no on-site trial and experience, it is really difficult to encounter your own satisfaction. Friends, especially those who are high, more attention;

Mirror dry goods:

Glasses are very good, the mirror frame determines half! ! The previous article has been introduced in detail. Here you will give you another:

TIP1, how to choose a good look and suitable frame

As a professional warning mirror, you must tell you a few points:

The size of the glasses frame is to match the distance, so that the thickness of the lens is thinner and more comfortable. Be

The size of the glasses frame should be proportional to the size of the face, and the edge of the frame should not be higher than the eyebrows, and the eyebrow should not be seen in the lens.


The shape of the glasses frame should be matched with the face and skin tone to meet the aesthetic requirements.

According to different face type, choose the style that is suitable for your own face, makes it more beautiful, and the mirror cannot be tight.

In the case of the glasses, we will choose the right frame according to the customer’s face and the pupil to strive to match the fit.

TIP2, mirror brand selection

Good frames also have some well-known brands (recommended for choice according to the psychological price):

High-end glasses brand group:

Ray-Ban, Verse, Levis, Gucci, Prada, Armani (Armani), BVLGARI (Bulgari), Dior, etc.

Medium-end glasses brand group:

Baosi, Poly Glasses, Cartier glasses (crocodile brand), Bonni, CK, tyrannosaurus, Baosheng, Sist, etc.

High-cost glasses brand:

Schrohua, Sofia, etc.

You can choose according to the consumption capacity, pick a suitable you, basically use two or three years.

TIP3, different myopia numbers, how should I choose a glasses frame?

In fact, different degrees of eyes means choosing different frames, otherwise wearing a comfortable feeling, it is also very likely to affect vision.

A, classmate below myopia 400 degrees

Basically, you can choose your favorite frame. Of course, the larger the frame, the more the lens is, the thicker the outer edge of the lens, and you will take the order according to your own requirements for comfort.

B, myopia 400-600 classmates


It is recommended not to choose too big fashion retro frame.

For comfort, the choice is almost magnitude, the recommended mirror frame is 50-54 size, the frame width is marked on the mirror and the lens template.

C, myopia more than 600 students

Every face size is different, so on the basis of your favorite, it is recommended that the lens frame is, the better.

D, high-facing classmates


Don’t choose a large frame, because the traversal lens is very small, the lens diameter will generally do not exceed 60mm, the lens should be moved in accordance with its own pupil, the frame is large, often causes the distance between the distance. Not allowed.

This is the same as classmates of other degrees. If your own distance is small, don’t choose too large frame.

The picture comes from the network, such as copyright issues, please contact us.

The picture comes from the network, such as copyright issues, please contact us.