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Creative position statement:


The brand is not important. It is important that this is what the introduction of the bow should appear, the wooden bow is a flat arrow, the symmetry design of the Chinese rules, this is what the arrow should be.

Amount … Friends, I am a picture, shooter (row) Zhang Aunt’s certified motion. Today, I will show you a sports equipment that places the land of the garbage. It is also a product that is the most wanted to give you a lot of products.

Originally, I will order it, but because of the annual twists and turns + I am more lazy, I have been helping now. In fact, such a bow is a traditional wood-handed modern straight bow is the most want to bring it to you, before, what 30 dollars, a glass fiberglass board, a bubble handle, when the bubble is actually garbage If you don’t want to try this, what is the meaning of this, the limitation cost can be. In fact, there is no or lack of practical meaning. The garbage is even before the link is not wants to put, and it is not worth buying, and it is not worth buying.

This time, this bow is the turn of the blow of 65 packs of the post. It is said that it is an upgraded version. But except for 30 pounds to upgrade to 40 pounds, it is useless to have no upgrades.

As for the light aiming and shock absorbers introduced by the product, it does not need

Does the wood handle, how to put the shock absorber

And you look at it in the configuration of the shock absorber, in addition to the needle, I have given ten glass fiber arrows, ten, if you don’t have explosion, you can send ten people to the site, Word Day, so understand? The guys, this shock absorber configuration option is to take the earthquake, temptation you buy more than 140 yuan, “high-profile meals”, in fact, the whole package is also a 10-dollar refers to actually a little value for you. The target paper is actually no big use. If you don’t have an arrow target, it is also white.


When you arrive, you are not at home, and after the result, I found out that the box opened.


It is still a touch


The result is not right.


Is it less?

Hurry to find the seller, the result is quite good, it is confirmed that the receipt is also given to reissue, so although there is too many people who sell the bow, there are too many people who are afraid to play with the bow. Route, but there is a very good attitude, after all, I have confirmed the receipt. Even if he doesn’t give reissue, the garbage can only review the mouth.

Then say that our reissue bows and screws arrived.

At the beginning, I relealed this piece of screws a set of garbage. Because I’m, the bow is not a set, the light is not a set of whole bow, the result is still good


Then it is naturally assembled, the screw gasket is installed, and it can be said.


The string is still the old way, and the table is on the table. Note that the string of the straight bow is hung on such a plastic piece, which means that this bow is relatively life depending on the degree of aging, but the bow itself Not much expensive now, okay.

Then the assembled is this, the modern arrow is like this standard shape, and the bow is actually reserved, and the composite bow is used, such archer is structures Simple, but actually arrow is also very stable, anyway, it is definitely a bubble than the glass fiberboard, which is more useful.


Then we come out and talk about the arrow.


This time, there are a lot of arrows, everything is, the seller is shipped or used in a box.


When I arrived at a time, it is the bag of paper bag + rubber ring, I feel a little hanging.

After all, you have such an arrow.

However, this traditional bows and arrows have hunting arrows, but the hunting arrows with modern bows are a DD, you see this arrow touching edge wide, my family fence is more sharp .jpg


So personal feeling, although there is a flower arrow, but actually feels that it is still a scarned ingredient.

This spiral winding lets you think of an early rocket, what red stone militia also has a Black arrow in the UK, has this method of using an arrow spiral pattern optical observation rocket spin method

Of course, in this current modern bow, we don’t need to use the true ferturbation of traditional bows, and the garbage will take the special aluminum arrow inside and then shot.


The venue is natural or his own backyard. Although only 40 pounds is not as good as the last time Camry crocodile straight bow, but this bow works in the rules, did not use the killing of the composite bow, so someone thinks this bow is not much Strong tyranny, but it has its inside.


Garbage is a set of lightning five shots, found that this hit rate is really high, so big goal can be said to be no hair. Don’t look at it, but like this bow is often the best.

And it also has a certain kinetic energy, although it is not strong, it is better than the composite bow or even the bow, but the bow can also take the arrow on the composite board, which is enough. This level is not bad. When I was 30 pounds, I didn’t have a few arrows in the school and the classmates who came back in the school. I also slammed the small bed of the filled pellet plate. (Of course, the table intensity and synthetic board of the 6.9 will not be able to match the table strength and the solid wood board, and the bed is more than that.)

Use this bow even to be a big target of the mobile phone box at a far away, the premise is that the mobile phone box is standing, how to say it, the goal is too close to the ground is very hard.

This kind of distance can be in such a big goal, what else can be said, this is really suitable for newcomers into the pit, home travel standing, the first-class straight pull bow and arrows, what is the composite bow of the 150 dollars The garbage of the bow or 30 dollars of the glass fiber pad foam is basically can’t see like this. It is such a thing. How is it better than that it is better, and a good bow is not too expensive. However, it must be a good teacher who can bring people to cultivate the heart-fitting training. It is a good time to give them a trash bow arrow, which is a good boy, such a good bow, a good bow. of.


Thank you, thank you friends!


PS: This store also sells anti-rolling bow, maybe it will be properly made, if you have time to play this after Qingdao, you will try it. that’s all