Due to the most stringent technology blockade of the West, all of China’s space equipment technology is the study of independent research. China tried to participate in the United States, Russia, and European space stations have encountered ruthless rejection. It is not exaggerated that the development of China’s space equipment is completely starting from zero, walking to today’s space of space, is not easy.


Without pressure, there is no power, and China’s scientists are the spine of the country, and they will develop China’s most powerful countries, pay tribute to scientists.

Singapore “Joint Morning Post” refers to the report of “China or the only Space Station” in China after seven years.

The report pointed out that China will build a manned space station before and after 2019 to 2022. After 2024, the International Space Station dominated by the United States and Russia, China or the only country that has the only space station in the world.

Wang Zhaoyuan, director of the China Manned Space Project Office, said that the international space station weighs more than 200 tons, and has been retired and the Sai Space station has more than 100 tons, while the Chinese space station body has only more than 60 tons, plus the carrier and freight spaceship has more than 90 tons. .

In order to take a shuttle in China Space Space Station, there are more than a dozen countries and regions such as Russia, British Fa, Italy, Turkey, say that China has become a veritable space equipment, and they hope to participate in China’s space space station plan. I hope that China will give them a position.

The construction of the Space Station in the third step in China’s Manned Space Project will be built in the early days, including a core cabin and two laboratory composing, more than 20 tons per scale. The basic configuration is a T-shaped, the core cabin, and the experimental compartment I and the experimental compartment II are connected to both sides. Subsequently, during the operation of the space station, there will be a freight spaceship, two manned spacecraft


. “The whole system will add more than 90 tons. After the 2020 Space Station is built, it will immediately put normal operation, carry out scientific research and space experiment, and promote China’s space scientific research into the world’s advanced ranks, contribute to the progress of human civilization.

Zhao Guangheng, the general designer of China Manned Space Engineering Space Application System, revealed that the future will carry out space life science and biotechnology, micro-gravity fluid physics, spatial materials science, microgravity basic physics, space astronomy, and math physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, space materials, and math physics, space materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial material science, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, spatial materials, micro-gravity basic physics, space materials 8 research directions such as spatial environment and spatial physics, spatial global science and application, and new technical tests of space applications, scientific research and application of more than 30 topics are being stepped up in developing multidisciplinary experiment platforms and public support experiment platforms.


At 19:07, 2007,

Tianzhou No. 1 and Tiangong No. 2 completed the first “space refueling”! Tianzhou No. 1 freight spacecraft and Tiangong No. 2 Space Lab successfully completed the first propeller in the rail supplement test, the logo Tianzhou No. 1 flying task has been a complete success.

Breakthrough and mastered the propellant in the rail supplement technology, filled the gap in my country’s aerospace field, and clears the disorder of energy supply for my country’s space station assembly and long-term operation. This marks China’s soon to open “Space Station Age”!


A satellite launched in China has become the focus of the United States in the United States, which has become the focus of the United States, which is the focus of Western countries. According to reports, China’s “Outlong No. 1” satellite as a space experiment, to verify the feasibility of cleaning of space garbage, the United States interpretation is the ability to capture the satellite for the satellite, with powerful destructive power in space , Requires China to disclose specific information about the satellite.

Of course, China’s space equipment is strong to the extent of fear of the United States, it is a happy congratulations.

Outlong No. 1 is equipped with the latest space robotic arm in China, and it can clean up the spacecraft debris or scrap satellite in the track. The Americans believe that this satellite has potential military use, if the mechanical arm is used to a normal satellite Conduct “arrest”, then the consequences are unimaginable.

China’s 2017 space plan exposure, except for the launch of Tianzhou, there will be 6 big things! The big event 1 – 嫦娥 580,000 kilometers, I used the Moon Boi No. 5, which is the largest and most complex spacecraft developed by my country. According to the plan, the end of November this year is launched!嫦娥 5 will achieve four first time: first sampling on the moon; take off from the moon; for the first time in the 380,000 km moon ball orbit; the first moonlight returned to the Earth in the second universe. By then, all the three goals of China’s exploration are all completed!

Master 2 –



In the year, China’s Beidou Industry is very likely to usher in a new round of outbreaks.

The first time in July, the planned 6 to 8, which will implement a few arrows in a double star launch. After successful launch of 3 new generation navigation satellites in 2016, 22 have been running in rail, including 7 new generation satellites.

The big event 3–6 new satellite help people in the plane high-speed rail on the Internet 2017, plan launch practice 13, practice of the 18th, Zhongxing 9A, Zhongxing 9C and other 6 communication satellites, so that my country Furthermore to the forefront.


At that time, Beidou Navigation will truly realize “chemical butterfly”, which has important strategic significance in many ways such as national economy, political, life, diplomacy and security.

Master 4- Commercial Space Development is rapid. Guohong Yun Engineering, the first technical verification star will also be empty, which can make people access the Internet in any corner of the world.

Master 5 – “Long March Family” launched 28 times a year. In 2017, China’s space launches will reach a new high, and the “Long March family” is 28 times a year. Tianzhou No. 1 freight spacecraft, the launch task of Chang’e No.5, the new generation of transport rockets entered the engineering application phase.

The big event 6 – aerospace and cultural derivatives. As part of the spacecraft, the rocket debris into the public collects hot topics, but also the goal of collecting hardships. Rocket wreck commemorating the value of the collection value of the Tianzhou No. 1 successfully launched, the rocket wreck is enthusiastic!

From 1840 to 38 lines, the north latitude is 17 degrees. After hundreds of years, the shame of yesterday is washed, and the glory of history. From two birds to the moon, from the long qualifiers 404 to 094, from the four major gold to 055, from the Migg series to 歼 20, we spent 70 years. Among them, there is a great delay, but the Republic has been in front of it … Thanks for our opponents, thank our friends. We gradually rise in the game in your settings! One day, China will cause you to climb!

I don’t want to praise who, I don’t want to destroy anyone, I just want to say a sentence: people have no more people, there is no perfect. I remembered a word: my country’s weapons are no longer protecting you, and the foreign weapons are better. Don’t spray our motherland, she knows that there is a place, she is working hard to catch up with and make up. I love you China!

Dare to ask the sky, the space footprints who left, who is, who is 哟, who? Footprints left. What is the road to the sky? Who can I achieve it? Millennium Dream Chinese, dreams of their dreams. Who is, who is 哟, who is footprints left. u with the times, China, China, China, China, China, China, China footprints. Today, China Dream, Chang Yu series is really a time, the space is awkward, the sun and the moon are on the foot, China, China 哟, China footprints …

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