As a daily wear single product, you can understand the scenes of their respective adaptations. Today, we will share the difference between eight pants and nine pants, understand their differences, and you can swim Let’s learn together.

1. Different pants


The most obvious difference between the eight pants and nine pants is the difference between the length. The length of the eight pants and nine pants is to develop a length of eight and very nine, according to people’s In the length of the leg, generally nine pants should be 10 cm longer than eight pants.

The trousers of nine pants are about to go to the ankle position, and the eight pants just covers the position of the calf. If you distinguish between these two trousers, it is easy to distinguish between eight pants and nine pants.

2. Visual effects

The visual effect of these two pants is very significant. There are more legs, and the high effects are obvious. With the pointed high-heeled shoes, we are more fashionable, this style is more suitable for the office OL women.

Nine pants is obvious, wearing more and thin, if your leg type is relatively straight, nine pants can wear straight long leg effects.

3. Suitable for the season

Since the eight pants want to expose some of the calves, this length of the trousers are more suitable for hot season, the most suitable season is not too spring, summer, autumn, these three seasons.


The nine pants basically covers the entire leg, only reveals an ankle, wearing a sock will ensure that the winter wear will not frost, so, nine pants can wear a year.

4. Suitable population


Eight pants is more suitable for women with thick legs, short legs, and legs are not perfect enough, depending on the difference between legs and legs to disable the legal imperfect disadvantage.


The nine pants is better for the legs of the legs. If your leg is long, it will be more obvious, wearing this trousers, the role of the leg, appears to be more difficult.