[Market supervision] These brand children and infant clothing are unqualified, see if your wife has bought?

Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau supervised the quality of children and infant clothing products in the production, sales of the city. 82 batches of products were taken out this time, tested, Unqualified 16 batches . This supervisory, based on the company’s promising GB 18401 “National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications”, GB

How much is the general size of the Nine-palace album (photo frame) in wedding photography?

Newcomers who take pictures of wedding photos in Beijing, generally love Chinese style (Tai Temple shooting, Chinese cultural park shooting), Korean and street shooting reality style wedding photos. Xiaobian found that most new people who have found most new people through the newcomers are not clear. The Nine-palace wedding photos are more popular among the

In the past 3 years, 2865 battles do not meet the standard: ZARA, H & M mass bottom, Li Ning An pedal quality does not lose Nike Adud

Li Ning, Anta, Hong Xingrk, pull back … National tide shoes boots are getting popularity of young people. Only 2021, Xiaohong Book Community “National Tide” “National Products” two keyword search quantities, rose 199% and 137% from the same period last year. So, is the national tide shoes really can be better than foreign brands? How